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Happy Anniversary! 3 Years Without a Budget

Randall133 Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 5:16 PM
Outraged Marxist: name one thing the Tea Party and Conservatives have done to destroy this country and take away your freedoms? I shall name two or even three things you Liberals and Marxists have done to destroy this country and our freedoms for each one of your fanciful claims.

The Senate Budget Committee--well, the office of the Republican ranking member on the committee, at least--hasn't forgotten a rather important anniversary this weekend: today marks three years since the Senate Democrats haven't agreed to a budget.

Three years of spending with no budget .... wonder the havoc that's wreaked? Fortunately, the Republican Senate Budget Committee answered that question. Here's some stats they've compiled:

1096  –——————–  Days since the Senate majority last passed a budget