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Happy Anniversary! 3 Years Without a Budget

Randall133 Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 3:55 PM
PATLIB says: "You kids want to blame the adults who are fixing your mess." An adult would be beholden to their obligations and responsibilities by passing a budget. Our Nations 16 Trillion dollar debt bomb won't go away without one. An adult would take responsibility for their failures. The "stimulus" and bailouts failed to drop unemployment below their worst estimates of where our economy would be without them. 14 Billion tax dollars lost on GM. Gas prices hitting back in reaction to a 14% decrease in Federal drilling permits, moratoriums and pipeline cancellations. Areas of Arizona ceded over to cartel control.
Randall133 Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 4:06 PM
An adult would be answerable for their transgressions against our freedoms.
-Practicing a "Targeted Killing Program" on American citizens.
-NDAA Indefinite detentions for American citizens without legal counsel or trial.
-Mandating commerce through Obamacare.
-Stealing private corporate GM shares.
-Authorizing ACTA copyright censorship.
-Granting himself Peace Time Martial Law authorities.
-Violating war powers against Libya.
-Restricting the free movement of private companies between the States.
-Dictating and controlling private business benefit decisions.
-Gun walking weapons into cartel hands to CREATE a crisis for more gun control.
Ann272 Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 4:47 PM
Sending "advisers" into Uganda by Executive Order.
Sending $192,000,000 to the PLO (I can't find this in Executive Orders)
Criminilizing our Justice Department by his appointment and continued support of his A.G. Holder.

The Senate Budget Committee--well, the office of the Republican ranking member on the committee, at least--hasn't forgotten a rather important anniversary this weekend: today marks three years since the Senate Democrats haven't agreed to a budget.

Three years of spending with no budget .... wonder the havoc that's wreaked? Fortunately, the Republican Senate Budget Committee answered that question. Here's some stats they've compiled:

1096  –——————–  Days since the Senate majority last passed a budget