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I believe you are talking about the same person as terminus
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The Truth About Violence in Chicago

RamonAdams Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 11:27 AM
Carlos Segregation was enforced by riots in white neighborhoods whenever Afro-Americans moved in. Their house would be fire bombed, fire dept sometimes would not respond. All while the Democrat machine was at best silent. The old Democrat-controlled south was their model. We were more idealistic (read stupid) 40 years ago and when we tried to buy a house in a racially integrated area, the realtor (relator as the ignorant Chicagoans call them) steered us away. Lib friends warned us not to. Adamantly
They still can tell us where the money went. They know whether it was spent or stashed
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The Obama Doctrine

RamonAdams Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 1:43 PM
Obama discovered his doctrine when he read it in the papers
The article erroneously makes it sound like these are Obama's own thoughts instead of saying that Obama is reading what someone wrote for his tereprompter
(set sputter font) but, but, but Michael Moore ...(close sputter font)
Smitty and King- Flagged Not funny. There were people on board.
NBC news is showing Obama's speech live. He hasn't heard yet. Someone get that dude a newspaper
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Killing Joy

RamonAdams Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 6:20 AM
It's a diverse society: Da longer ve haf Nazis in control, de verse it gets.
It started with Michelle saying "finally, i'm not sickened by this $hithole country I've had the misfortune to be stuck in," (I'm quoting from memory). And almost daily she or Barak try another new outrage just to show what they can get with. They get nothing out of it except the tingle of power they get as that the country swallows every one. You have to admit it probably is taxing their ingenuity to come up with more carp.
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