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Truth Matters

RamonAdams Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 7:32 AM
What is with western girls/women? Voluntarily enslaving themselves to cults (long before ISIS), Dr Phil has older women who have fallen in love sight unseen with a Nigerian and sending him enough money to raise Bill Gates's eyebrow, despite unignoreable red flags, staying with boyfriends who hit them. Another reason no one can take feminists seriously-they are doing nothing to teach women not to fall for this $#@%.
Joe the plumber dared to question Obama's Marxist beliefs, which he freely admitted. Instead the MSN attacked Joe, giving everyone the message that questioning Obama will open your entire private life to national scrutiny. If the MSN had done the same to the cow, the question would have disappeared from the national debate by now.
Good post. When that cow waddled up in debate #2 to inform us "I saw a bumper sticker that said women make less than men...WTF????" the above is the correct answer, but Obama read off his prepared remarks, since he knew the questions in advance (the Democrats learned in the first debate not to let him speak without the teleprompter) and for whatever reason Romney did not give the above.
Well, Democrats are always telling us that they are doing it "for the children."
Good article, but please consider Would Obama be issuing the generous exec orders to allow his photo to replace the ugly old men on all our paper money unless he loved the country? He has even agreed to name to all the federal buildings in our land after himself. And the new cabinet level Department of Praising Obama. Not to mention he has given permission the change the pledge of allegiance to the flag to the Pledge of allegiance to Obama and the United States of Obama. The one that Ashton Kusher so famously composed for the 2008 election.
Cher Babe While Townhall readers usually do not share many of your or Obama's beliefs, I'm sure I speak for all in conceding that rich people's money should be confiscated and distributed to the deserving, so long as you agree that it's your money we are speaking about and it's us who are the recipients, esp me
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The Cancer of Multiculturalism

RamonAdams Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 7:48 AM
NGO apparently means "non-gov't org," a fact that took me about 15 minutes to look up on my computer*. Please define NHWs (non-household words. *I won't mention the name of the manufacturer whose home office is really close to the final resting place of the outlaw Sam Bass.
Forget used cars!! Would you buy fries from this man?
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Snow's Silver Lining

RamonAdams Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 8:09 PM
I never cared much for Roger Simon, erstwhile for the Chicago Sun-Times, but his non-political columns were humorous. He moved to DC and one winter the S-T published one of his columns outlining his experiences with natives of his new home town. One of his sentences was that he saw a local using an umbrella in a light dusting. He claimed to walk up and tell her that accumulated snow will collapse the umbrella and suffocate her. She flung the umbrella and ran off, screaming.
Steve. Bill was quoting a Marxist NYT columnist. Grammarphiles, please don't scold me for being redundant
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