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News item this morning. Two crooks were caught and arrested for shoplifting. One claimed to have a heart attack and the other walked out the door with a cart full of goodies. Despite the man's claim of a heart attack, the police arrested him anyway. Has anyone seen Rev Al Sharpton's "OH!! Now i see why cops can't believe a suspect claiming distress" apology?
Samplin, as Gruber pointed out, it is Democrats who are stupid. And it appears that it is Democrats who are falling for the race baiters. Draw your own conclusion
How many signed? What percentage (not very important-one signing is too many), and did any volunteer to be the deportee?
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Should Profiling Be Banned?

RamonAdams Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 8:26 AM
My the age is making me a victim of profiling when dealing with others. I usually shut them up with "I can do it myself. I'm not as old as I look." Tho that does not always work. And sometimes their behavior is so out of line that I add, "On the other hand, I am not 5 years old."
He did design it so that only a very stupid person would vote for it.
If necessary, Libs will use nukes on whales and polar bears to keep in power
chrisr The Southern states are still working their way out of the swamp that 100 years of Democrat rule mired them in. But there is FAR more wealth in the old Confederacy now than ever while under Democrat control. And keep in mind that ALL of the economic contributions of the Blue state come from the Red areas of the Blue states, mostly suburban ownership of Blue city enterprises.
The Confederacy rejoined the Union under the condition that slavery would be abolished. We could allow the Blues to rejoin under the condition that liberalism is abolished. Along with public hanging of all the gov't officials above some agreed-upon rank
I read that it once was correctly divided, but some libs whined that the red color would make people think that Mass, NY, Calif etc are red. Lib logic
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