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The Need to Explain

ramna2 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 2:26 PM
Let's take a look at the historical record of Bubba Clinton versus George W. Bush. 1) Under Bubba Clinton the DJIA tripled. Under George W. Bush the DJIA lost 20% over his eight year 'Reign of Error.' 2) Alan Greenspan said in his book 'Age of Turbulence' that in 2001 there were "surplus's as far as the eye could see." Now, we have deficits as far as the eye can see. 3) In January 2001 it took 78 cents to obtain one Euro. After the 'Reign of Error' it took 140 cents. 4) When the two oil men stumbled into the White House in January, 2001 oil was $22/barrel. In the summer of 2008 it was a disgraceful $140 a barrel. The Republican Party did a better job at bringing America to its knees than Al Qaeda.
EARLNORL Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 2:52 PM
It's easy to forget that Clinton fared well because of the Information Revolution and the scare of Y2K and the tons of money spent by industry to prevent disaster! He also ignored the threat of extreme islam and left that solution to his predesessor.

The most successful Republican presidential candidate of the past half century-- Ronald Reagan, who was elected and reelected with landslide victories-- bore little resemblance to the moderate candidates that Republican conventional wisdom depicts as the key to victory, even though most of these moderate candidates have in fact gone down to defeat.

One of the biggest differences between Reagan and these latter-day losers was that Reagan paid great attention to explaining his policies and values. He was called "the great communicator," but much more than a gift for words was involved. The issues that defined Reagan's vision were things he...