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See Ricks, here's another problem for the Whitey GOP - Homophobia, lots of it.
Why is it the Birthers aren't upset about "2016" being anti-Birther?
I've been watching them for decades and there will be no blow. I've lost lots of elections, that's how this game is played. Only partisans really care.
One wife but at least seven grandmothers. That's a lot of Nanas. Must have been nice on birthdays.
Sure he can try to lead, but he's herding cats and you know it. With partisanship this high Romney would be just as screwed as Obama.
Enjoy the Obama bio, or go in an hour after it starts.
Good to see you watching the polls. Bain + Pain should have a good week, if tradition holds.
F a g jokes stopped working on me a long time ago moron. Besides, not that it is any of your business, I'm not gay.
What exceptions are you okay with?
And don't think we don't want to win, we do. It's just politics and I love politics.
That's not pretend, it actually doesn't matter much since the President's hands are mostly tied. It matters even less to me but that's because I have very little skin in the game.
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