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We Need More Highly Skilled Workers

Rammbo Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 4:01 AM
We all recognize that Germany is THE economic powerhouse of the Western World right now. Oops, Sorry, Inconvenient Truth ahead - Only one-third of German workers have those precious college degrees. You know why? One reason: The Germans don't get wrapped around the axle going on and on about "education." They have created a workforce preparation system that actually WORKS. Meanwhile, here in Amerika we tell ourselves, "Gee, there's no future without a college degree, Billy." Of course, it's usually the unionized media telling us this (to help the union teachers, silly). We need a better way to transfer knowledge in this country than is currently available. Period. Don't expect calls for change to come from academia or media.

Can the federal government adequately predict exactly how many mathematicians, engineers, biochemists, and inventors the United States will need twenty years in the future? I doubt many of us would answer yes. Yet, federal immigration policy does exactly that in allotting work visas for highly skilled employees.

Most of the debate over immigration has centered on low-skilled workers, especially the large population of illegal immigrants who have entered the country over the last two decades. But our legal immigration system is dysfunctional as well. The system primarily focuses on re-uniting foreign-born relatives with family members who are already here,...