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Education's Shiny Toy Syndrome

Rammbo Wrote: Sep 27, 2013 3:51 PM
The "experts" are "experts" in theories. By definition, they have no practical experience.
When middle class taxpayers discover that their insurance prmiums are going from $300 to $600 a month (plus all the deductibles and co-pays), they will blame one person and one person only - Barak Hussein Obama. His lies told to sell the idea are inescapable. WHY do GOP-authorized "Tea Party" charlatans want to stop that?
Townhall has censored my comments so I'll post them again. Mark Davis is a GOP stooge.
Here's a note for Rush and all the other GOP stooges and GOP-approved Tea Party charlatans. Unlike Social Security and Food Stamps, ObamaCare is going to hit the middle class like a ton of bricks NOW. Harry Reid's rigged vote PROVES that the Dems are scared of the consequences. The Dems wanted this. Let them have it.
Mark Davis is a GOP stooge who, when he is assigned to fill in for Rush, spends every minute dissuading conservatives from creating a third party. The funny thing is that the "leaders" of the so-called "Tea Party" are all card-carrying GOP office-holders from Bush Country Texas and Bush Country Florida. Yeah, keep talking....
Make no mistake, the "progressives" SYMPATHIZE with America's worst enemies. If they announced in San Francisco that California was now an independent caliphate (the Caliph of Ornya?) the party would last for WEEKS.
"Unsecured" stockpiles??? In a country that is knee deep in a civil war? This is NOT an accident or an oversight. Obama, Inc. has been supplying arms to jihadists. THAT is why Benghazi is still a mystery a year later. Rep. Darrell Issa is part and parcel of this coverup. He makes Inspector Clouseau look likie James Bond. The Obama Presidency has been VERY GOOD for global jihad.
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The Return of Illegal Immigration

Rammbo Wrote: Sep 26, 2013 10:22 PM
The LapDog Media, including the War Screech Journal, lied to us all year long, telling us that border apprehensions were down and even suggesting that immigrants were staying in Mexico because their economy was so great. Well, this just in - Illegal immigration has INCREASED for two straight years. Lies, ALL LIES.
Exactly. Joe Manchin and Ted Cruz want to save the Dems from themselves. I can understand Joe's dilemma but, why in the world would a GOP-approved "Tea Party" conservative want to take a bullet for the Dems??? I guess only Karl Rove knows the answer to that.
So, four years after it passed and four days before it goes into effect, this goofball wants a timeout??? WAY too late, Joe. And besides, YOUR Dear Leader WANTS THIS NOW. Who is kidding who, Joe???
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