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Ooops. Correction. The website should be Thanks strantham.
The headline should be: "Phony GOP-controlled Tea Party charlatans vote to delay ObamaCare and help Dems get reelected in 2014."
The GOP-approved "Tea Party" rose to prominence in 2010. Shortly thereafter, the GOP did everything in their power to silence them, and the end result was that Dems kept the Senate and the White House in 2012. The Dems WANT this. We, the People, want this. All this hot air from Ted Cruz is just the GOP;s attempt to curry favor with the very same Tea Party whose guts they hate. Hacve we all forgotten that the GOP "experts" nominated "Mr. RomneyCare" himself in 2012. WAKE UP!!! The GOP wanted ObamaCare enacted, too! "Tea Party" - you are the biggest bunch of fools in AMerican political history. EVERY ONE of your "saviors" is a card-carrying member of the GOP. You, Tea Party, are hopeless FOOLS. Make no mistake
Actually, the website is www.Rush6422.COM Thanks, janderson627!
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Fightin' Words

Rammbo Wrote: Sep 28, 2013 11:35 PM
The Constitution consists of words. The Left, therefore, must only do one thing - change the meaning of those words. They did it in Nazi Germany. They did it in the Soviet Union. They WILL do it here. Thus spoke Bill-a-zustra, "We'll, it depends on the meaning of the word "is." Get it?
Got to remember that Sept.30 is the end of the government fiscal year. They have a lot of number-fudging to do so that all the "trends" point up. Look, I live in Silicon Valley. Despite all the headlines about Google, Facebook, etc., if you take a drive around the industrial parks, you will sea an ocean of "for lease" signs. This area has yet to recover from 200o, let alone 2008. Uncle Sam, Wall Street, and the Global Banking Cartel have done VERY WELL these past ten years. Everyone else - well, take a guess.
Correction. That website is WWW.FOX8613.COM Thank you, hsaeed!
The government has shut down 17 times over the years. Does anyone remember any of those times???? Government-Media Complex hysteria in spades. We are a nation led by college-educated pussies.
Someone please help me understand why the GOP wants to save the Democrats from the ObamaCare disaster??? FRICK News has the audacity to inform us that "everybody is against this." OK, so why in the hell didn't the GOP win back the Senate or get Mitt Gumby elected??? The American people WANT this!!!! STOP trying to tell people what they "really" want. The GOP is working very hard to HELP the Dems - WHY???
The funny thing is that, even on the conservative radio stations, the top-of-the-hour news bulletins all tell the same story - doom & gloom. The deck is stacked.
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Education's Shiny Toy Syndrome

Rammbo Wrote: Sep 27, 2013 3:51 PM
The "experts" are "experts" in theories. By definition, they have no practical experience.
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