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Who Hates Minority Children?

rama Wrote: Mar 11, 2014 1:44 PM
I would love to see the next Republican nominee address then when they speak in front of the NAACP. Explain to them unappologetically how the people that clam to represent them in so many cities have completely sold them out to the teachers unions and tell them whether you for me or not I will do a lot more towards helping young African-American children reach their potential than the last president.
Mike, the constitution and the amendments applying to the states as a baseline of minimum rights has been well established in constitutional law for over 150 years. A state can give you more rights but can't restrict the ones granted in the constitution. That's what this case is about.
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A Blank Check For War on Iran

rama Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 7:50 AM
Pat has a point. While I do consider Israel an important ally, one we helped to create by pushing for it's creation in the first place, we should not go to war without our intelligence services producing some hard evidence of a nuclear weapons program. This won't be another Iraq or Afghanistan. A unilateral war against Iran will bring a lot of third party support for Iran from Russia and China. This could be WWIII. Do we do that without hard evidence?
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Will States' Rights Go to Pot?

rama Wrote: Jan 03, 2014 10:02 AM
A lot of the comments on here are focusing on the righ or wrong of pot use which I guess is fine but we should looking at Jonah's overall point regarding state and community rights. He has touched on something that I have thought about for years. When people talk about how vicious politics has gotten, I point to the New Deal as the root of it. The intrusion of the federal government into more and more areas of our private lives has the counter-effect of eroding state and local authority. The viciousness of the disocourse comes from having such high stakes anymore. Education, health care, college financing, energy policy, religious liberty, were all once local concerns, but now are all subject to one size fits all solutions tailored to 51% of the population at the expense of the other 49%.
I understand where you are coming from but I do have some issues with your post. While supporting the elderly is important it shouldn't be necessary if we valued saving and investing as a culture. That is just philosophy,but a larger issue is the notion of the young owing the old. The young owe their children above all. They "pay it forward" to their children. Parents also owe it to their children to try and be good stewards of their own finances so that their children can provide for the grandkids without also having to strain to support mom and dad in the meantime. I know bad things happen and it doesn't work out all the time but the real shame is the number of parents who had decent middle class jobs or small businesses for decades and didn't make saving a priority. They chased the biggest homes they could find and had new cars(and new car payments) every two years and now when their retirement is nigh, they become burdens. This happens a lot.
meant "worse" than death.
I'm not being easy on him. I just think life in some prisons is worth than death. I want to see him broken over time. He is an educated man. They don't do well with the boredom and simple routines of prison life. I have been in prisons. (worked in one-not inmate). In a federal supermax, where he is likely to serve his time, he would wish he was dead after a month and then be forced to live out his days with that wish. Now which is worse?
Because a 5 by 9 room in a supermax prison with 1 hour a day for excercise is a pretty crappy way to spend the last 30 years of your life. It would cost less than a decade long legal battle too.
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The Common-Sense Case for Dynamic Scoring

rama Wrote: Aug 20, 2013 3:07 PM
Whenever I see these Laffer debates it seems both sides define success in the argument as how much revenue is given to Government. This assumes that government getting more money is the ideal result. If the ideal tax rate for maximizing government is 15% like they say then I say reduce it to 10%. This will foster all the growth we need in the private sector, thus reducing the need for more government. I always say that as long as we are using federal dollars on frivolus things such as funding frog fertility studies and the like then we should assume the government has enough money. If a neighbor you gave a substantial amount of money to hlep support started spending money on things such as lawn ornaments, you would be right in assuming they had enough money and should feel no obligation to keep supporting them.
I have a friend that has done this and he was told that his sperm would be ditributed to a wide geographical area and to seven people max to make the odds of intermarrying almost non-existent. I guess this is not that regulated if they let one guy have 150 kids this way.
No it's not. It's the truth. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson don't get paid to win the battle they get paid to fight it. Coming out and admitting that white racism isn't the force that's responsible for all of minority's problems would take away their worth.
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