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Just Wait A Minute, Willya?

rama Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 9:37 AM
I understand to a degree some of Mr. Greenburg's comments. I wouldn't want a politician to dig a hole for themselves by rushing to judgment on this and then finding out that there were some facts that weren't disclosed that somehow mitigated his actions. I also would want any legal action on Bergdahl to be judged on it's merits without taking the trade into account. The trade was on Obama. No one has suggested that this man negotiated the trade. As far as whether men died trying to find him, that is a tough one that defense lawyers will have a field day with. Example of possible defense would be acknowledging that people died but that their normal duties were dangerous too and could have led to more deaths than the search. I can see things devolving into charts and calculations showing rates of soldiers deaths in different types of missions and they may even argue that by changing missions from more dangerous ones more soldiers lives may have been saved. Perverse yes, but that is the defense lawyers job. We have been promised an investigation and with the light shown on this, hopefully the facts come out and if he is tried and found guilty of desertion I hope he gets the appropriate punishment. We can afford to take a breath. Write your congressman if you must and express your desire for the investigation to be thorough and let them know you expect the outcome to be determined by the facts, whatever they are.
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Nothing Is What it Should Be Anymore

rama Wrote: May 20, 2014 11:31 AM
Every time I read these things about the stock market being bad I wait for the other shoe to drop and someone to start hawking gold or some commodity as being a better place to put your money. One thing you can't get away from is this. There hasn't been a better or more consistent LONG TERM monetary growth vehicle than the stock market. Since its inception in the late 1700's it has never been outperformed by another investment vehicle over a twenty year period. Not with the great depression, the great recession, World wars, Civil wars or any other influences. The stock market is a measure of mankind's march forward. Men won't go backward for very long. They will always keep trying to improve things and find ways to propel themselves forward with inventiveness and willingness to work. When you stop that permanently then the stock market will be stopped permanently. Not before.
Actually we did tell Ukraine that we would help defend her from Russia when we were negotiating the removal of hundreds of Nukes from the Ukraine to Russia. We stopped short of giving war guarantees(thank God). I agree that we shouldn't feel obligated though. When a mob overthrows it's democratically elected government it shouldn't expect other countries to honor commitments made to it's old government. That would be like demanding the US honoring all it's treaties with Cuba even after Castro led a communist overthrow. The Ukrainians did this to themselves. They had the power of the ballot box available to them but the decided on mob rule which led to more instability. The people that voted the old government in just watched a western powers influenced mob annul their votes. Is it any surprise that they don't feel allegiance to this mob and are choosing instead to go back to their historic country, Russia?
Mr. Putin is reabsorbing parts of the Ukraine which were part of Russia since the 1700's. As far as Crimea between 70-90% of the people there want to be part of Russia, a clear majority no matter what numbers are most believable. This point has never been adequately answered. If we see the mob overthrow of the Ukraine government as legitimate and was the will of the people, then why not recognize the will of the people of Crimea and other eastern Ukrainians to be reunited with Russia? Most eastern ukranians speak Russian as a first language and identify with her history and are loyal to Russia over the EU.
it still amazes and disheartens me that he gets away with telling the same lies over and over again without the MSM calling him on it. Repeats the 7.5 million figure as if 7.5 million people that didn't have health insurance now have it today. Most of those are people that had other programs that they were happy with and were kicked off and forced onto Obamacare. What this boils down to is that we spent more than a trillion dollars and caused massive pain and upheaval to sign up under 2 million people out of the 45 million that didn't have health insurance. What a success!
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Who Hates Minority Children?

rama Wrote: Mar 11, 2014 1:44 PM
I would love to see the next Republican nominee address then when they speak in front of the NAACP. Explain to them unappologetically how the people that clam to represent them in so many cities have completely sold them out to the teachers unions and tell them whether you for me or not I will do a lot more towards helping young African-American children reach their potential than the last president.
Mike, the constitution and the amendments applying to the states as a baseline of minimum rights has been well established in constitutional law for over 150 years. A state can give you more rights but can't restrict the ones granted in the constitution. That's what this case is about.
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A Blank Check For War on Iran

rama Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 7:50 AM
Pat has a point. While I do consider Israel an important ally, one we helped to create by pushing for it's creation in the first place, we should not go to war without our intelligence services producing some hard evidence of a nuclear weapons program. This won't be another Iraq or Afghanistan. A unilateral war against Iran will bring a lot of third party support for Iran from Russia and China. This could be WWIII. Do we do that without hard evidence?
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Will States' Rights Go to Pot?

rama Wrote: Jan 03, 2014 10:02 AM
A lot of the comments on here are focusing on the righ or wrong of pot use which I guess is fine but we should looking at Jonah's overall point regarding state and community rights. He has touched on something that I have thought about for years. When people talk about how vicious politics has gotten, I point to the New Deal as the root of it. The intrusion of the federal government into more and more areas of our private lives has the counter-effect of eroding state and local authority. The viciousness of the disocourse comes from having such high stakes anymore. Education, health care, college financing, energy policy, religious liberty, were all once local concerns, but now are all subject to one size fits all solutions tailored to 51% of the population at the expense of the other 49%.
I understand where you are coming from but I do have some issues with your post. While supporting the elderly is important it shouldn't be necessary if we valued saving and investing as a culture. That is just philosophy,but a larger issue is the notion of the young owing the old. The young owe their children above all. They "pay it forward" to their children. Parents also owe it to their children to try and be good stewards of their own finances so that their children can provide for the grandkids without also having to strain to support mom and dad in the meantime. I know bad things happen and it doesn't work out all the time but the real shame is the number of parents who had decent middle class jobs or small businesses for decades and didn't make saving a priority. They chased the biggest homes they could find and had new cars(and new car payments) every two years and now when their retirement is nigh, they become burdens. This happens a lot.
meant "worse" than death.
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