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Rudderless U.S. Foreign Policy

rama Wrote: Jul 30, 2014 3:33 PM
I agree that Obama's foreign policy as a whole has been feckless but I keep looking for realistic solutions to the Ukraine situation and I don't see any coming from conservatives or anyone else. The fact is we created the situation. We helped instigate the riots that deposed a democratically elected president of Ukraine. At this point the eastern half of Ukraine which had voted overwhelmingly for the former president, had every right to not feel allegiance to the usurpers. These are not crises that we need to be a part of. These are aftershocks of the break-up of the Soviet Union. There will continue to be territorial disputes for a few more decades at least as people struggle to figure out where they belong and where their loyalties lie. Us getting involved is only going to prolong the process and possibly lead to more unnecessary wars.
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A GOP Ultimatum to Vlad

rama Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 10:01 AM
Pat is right on again. This could be how the Republicans mess up a good hand in these elections. While a lot of Americans think Barack Obama's response to the Ukraine crisis has been pathetic at best I don't think a whole lot of them are itching for a ground war in Eastern Europe. This is what their proposed actions could lead to. I think one lesson of out history is that our best chance of positive change for the world is to build our own "shining city on the hill" for other countries to try and emulate for themselves. Once the Soviet Union broke up we should have been expecting this. I think of these conflicts as aftershocks of the break-up and best left up to the people directly involved to sort out for themselves. Outside involvement will just prolong the pain.
I've long said that an 85 pound woman with a firearm has a greater chance of defending herself from a violent man than a female wrestler from WWE without a firearm does.
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D'Souza's America

rama Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 11:32 AM
This was possibly the worst movie review I have ever read. This is like saying that the movie Titanic was about an iceberg and totally missing all other parts of the story. This author zeroed in on a few sentences in the movie and barely acknowledged any context the D'Sousa provided. He completely ignored D'Sousa's points that slavery was an inherited institution on this country and the choice at the founding was to have slavery or not have a country. D'Sousa also pointed out how the language of the Declaration was used by the abolitionist movement(I do think he could have emphasized this more) and provided the backbone of the moral arguments by it. The abolitionist movement for 200 years consisted of a few people here and there and a few pamphlets. After the declaration was written the abolitionist movement grew exponentially for the next 70 years and the phrase "All men are created equal." was in all their literature. You could say the birth of America was also the beginning of the end of slavery.
What kind of churches are these? I find it hard to believe that most Catholic Baptist or Methodist churches would allow this. Probably those Unitarian churches or something.
Just as in Watergate the crime won't be the story-the cover-up will.
Here is what is going to happen. Obama will continue to obfuscate and run out the clock on this until 2016. On the night before the new presidents inauguration there will be pardons issued for just about his entire administration which will mean no one will be able to be held accountable for anything.
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Does Hillary Clinton Take Us for Idiots?

rama Wrote: Jun 14, 2014 9:49 AM
The embargo has to do with the seizure of American money and businesses during the Castro revolution. The embargo was put in place as a mechanism to get them to reimburse Americans for the theft of their property. Once Cuba pays it back the embargo can be lifted according to the law that put it in place in the first place. Don't hold your breath. Cuba has one of the worst records in the world when it comes to paying it's debts.
I did a double take when I saw the title for this post. I thought it said they would be marching off the bridge. Imagine my disappointment when I saw what it really said.
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Just Wait A Minute, Willya?

rama Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 9:37 AM
I understand to a degree some of Mr. Greenburg's comments. I wouldn't want a politician to dig a hole for themselves by rushing to judgment on this and then finding out that there were some facts that weren't disclosed that somehow mitigated his actions. I also would want any legal action on Bergdahl to be judged on it's merits without taking the trade into account. The trade was on Obama. No one has suggested that this man negotiated the trade. As far as whether men died trying to find him, that is a tough one that defense lawyers will have a field day with. Example of possible defense would be acknowledging that people died but that their normal duties were dangerous too and could have led to more deaths than the search. I can see things devolving into charts and calculations showing rates of soldiers deaths in different types of missions and they may even argue that by changing missions from more dangerous ones more soldiers lives may have been saved. Perverse yes, but that is the defense lawyers job. We have been promised an investigation and with the light shown on this, hopefully the facts come out and if he is tried and found guilty of desertion I hope he gets the appropriate punishment. We can afford to take a breath. Write your congressman if you must and express your desire for the investigation to be thorough and let them know you expect the outcome to be determined by the facts, whatever they are.
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