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Why Obama is 'The One'

raltnee67 Wrote: May 07, 2012 3:31 PM
Agreed! If this abomination is re-elected, the Jihadists will have judged us correctly. We will be the dumbest nation on the face of the earth. Most nations get the government they deserve. Making the same mistake after 4 years of this false messiah's BS would prove us unteachable, and hopelessly irredeemable. We have abandoned God, and call evil good, and good evil. We deserve to suffer and die!!!

In 2008 the Obama campaign made a big deal about how singularly unique (I know rhetorically repetitive--just like his campaign) then candidate Obama was.

He was "The One" who could take our post racial nation to a plateau of greater unity. He was "The One" who would leave behind the "bitter divisiveness" of previous administrations. He was "The One" who would create a greater tomorrow, by calling us to ALL be "one."

Without ever using the term "messiah" it was clear the campaign's effort was to make him as messianic a figure as possible. A strategy I was...