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Had this teenager been a traitor or an America hater like Obama; he would have pulled out all stops to free him. If he was a transgender pervert communist, even better.
That is because we Americans are his real enemy. Those terrorists who hate everybody are his kindred spirits. He LOVES death and destruction just like all Marxists and crazy jihadis.
As long as the smack is with at least a 2"X4".
Exactly! Had anyone taken their oath of office seriously; none of this nonsense would have happened. If properly vetted, Obama would not have been allowed to be a school janitor. And surely, no where near children!
I have been audited three times; here's hoping it happens to you!
I was contemplating the possibilities of an epic "bobble-head" Monica doll. The fans could recreate past movements in the Oval Orifice; maybe give out cigars to first 20,000.
How would a king rule any differently if he hated his fellow countryman?
Obama is allergic to the work required of the POTUS. He loves the perks; but is way too smart to be bothered with trifling details. He figures if he can manage to incite the entire globe into chaos, no one will notice a few rounds of golf or a traitor in the White House.
You just described that whole party that voted several times to leave God out of their party platform. Mere formality; they never loved God or America.
She cackles constantly; that should qualify!
There will still be Godly justice. His mercy is extended to everyone, but they must want to accept it; and continuing in sin is to refuse to admit His mercy is even necessary.
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