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An Arrogant and Lawless Cover-Up

raltnee67 Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 10:43 AM
Correct! They cannot be bothered to read thousands of pages of legislation and regulation before first shoving their illegal agenda down our collective throats. They laugh at our wishes! I have Chucky Schumer for my representative. I write to him ALL the time. He sends back Democrats' talking points, and completely ignores my pleadings. Good luck getting satisfaction from this gang!

Few principles are more important to our constitutional scheme than the separation of powers, which is precisely why President Obama's bogus assertion of executive privilege to thwart Congress' investigation into Fast and Furious is so inexcusable.

Executive privilege is an important safeguard against congressional overreach and to preserve the separation of powers. The inherent right of the executive to protect highly sensitive information has long been recognized, and the privilege was judicially established during the Watergate era.

As such, Congress should not go on fishing expeditions against a president to score political points. But neither should a president...