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Pakistan Nuke Scientist Starts Anti-US Party

Ralph56 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 11:15 AM
We would do well to examine Islam and how it speaks of how Muslims are supposed to treat non Muslims. Look at how many areas in Muslim controlled areas that once had a number of other religions have none now. Also google the word "taqiyya". Put all these facts together and the future is easy to predict. Can you say Iran?

China-North Korea: Comment: Chinese and North Korean propagandists appear confused by the notion that a US publication, namely The Onion, could be devoted to satire. Kim Jong-un is possibly the world's least sexy man, which was the point of The Onion feature. The propaganda media in both nations have not commented on their having been duped by themselves. They also seem to fail to appreciate the American sense of humor.

Pakistan: The father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb, Abdul Qadeer Khan, has registered a new political...