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Why are you here?
Yes it is. What's even more impressive is Pres. Obama will take Pennsylvania on Tuesday.
I didn't flag you the first time. Just messing with you.
Hey, DevilDog! Good to hear from you.
I attend church. Still hasn't been shut down as of this morning, and no news of a war on it either. Ever hear about the little boy who cried wolf?
FLAGGED!..... for lack of reading comprehension.
What he means is: "All you Obama supporters don't have to go vote Tues. If I win, it won't be so bad."
Relax. Romney's just talking.
If Obama wins, you should do the wise thing and move out of the country. That is if you really believe this.
Higher energy costs are a far cry from the destruction of the US. I don't know what war on churches you're talking. I doubt anyone else does either.
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