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Really, none of this seems to bother pro-aborts.
There is a SHORTAGE of babies for adoption in America, not a surplus. Your point makes no sense.
I don't believe your account. Christians are the most pro-adoption (in word and deed) group in America. Abortion is never the only choice. The women and girls who believe this have been propagandized by the merchants of slaughter who run Big Abortion.
"...million dollar abortion industry" Try "billion." Planned Parenthood alone is a $1.5B operation.
Based on nothing, Robert. The truth is, political conservative are far more likely to adopt children and contribute to and work on behalf of charitable causes, especially those involving children.
All you've demonstrated here James is either 1) you didn't read the piece or 2) you understand neither the argument Campbell is making or the concept of religious freedom.
This argument, presumably in favor of homosexualizing marriage, falls on its face ca7. It's like saying you fix a flat by slashing the other tires.
Jack -- is the number of participants in a marriage similarly arbitrary in your mind?
So, Robert, should we kill poor kids? Since you support killing them before they are born, why not kill them afterward to save them from living one more moment of their "horrible lives." You can't possibly argue, based on your belief that potential poverty is a good reason to carry out a death sentence on a child, that actual poverty shouldn't lead to "choice" without limits. If you can't bear the thought, because you are so compassionate of course, of a kid maybe missing meals and going to a bad school, what is the argument, compassionate Robert, against sweeping the schools in Detroit to mercifully end all that suffering that just breaks your heart? Scary thought...having someone like you decide who lives or dies.
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