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A Racial Revolution?

rahgoo Wrote: May 19, 2012 1:37 PM
THEY? will continue being the top dogs despite the birth of many more black babies. There are presently over 6 billion people of color on the Planet ruled by 400 million of THEY?. Quality not quantity is what counts.
Big O is a favorite of the stars who love his style, but unless he shows more substance he will alienate the business community. Romney has only substance; but he is learning bolero dancing to attract a larger audience and more voters.
The guy that smiles more often gets the votes; Romney never smiles and looks too glum. Big O is a happy guy and is fun to be with; his competitor is a party poop. The shape of the economy is important but the shape of your lover is what counts.
There is no better substitute for sugar than the touch of our prez, his one finger dipped into a cup of coffee would turn it sweet. No words are more uplifting, they are sunshine for those that are facing darkness.
Most of my work as a private detective consisted in tailing spouses who were suspected cheaters. My job often took me to sex orgies where I witnessed vulgarity in its highest form. When I returned with the photos to my client instead of anger it produced smiles. My customers many times developed new interests and became regular party goers.
Switch hitters that do the nasty in many ways are not gay but called perverts or sex addicts; they are known to change their preferences faster than changing their bed sheets or underwear. Laws must be made to force multiple choice lovers to stick to only one type of sexual contact.
Very few men are 100% gay, most are switch hitters. There are countless fun ways to do the nasty.
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Myths About Inequality

rahgoo Wrote: May 12, 2012 2:37 PM
The next president should share the interests of the strong as well as the weak, and be comfortable in the role of a billionaire tycoon or a community organizer. Only a person with two heads can be both. That is why I support a troika made up of the brave, the coward, and the blind to lead the nation.
Nothing infuriates Romney more than the sight of a sissy or a wimp; it is in his genes and a family tradition. He will lead the strong on to victory and cut the paths of the weak. His scissors still remain with him.
No wimp gets a diploma from Cranbrook, they guarantee to make a man out of a sissy. Lauber would have graduated if instead of weeping like a baby he kicked Roms arss.
Manhood does not come easy; it takes discipline and a focused retreat from weakness. That is why wealthy homophobes chose Cranbrook; their programs are designed to make sure that their sons graduate with a long hard stick not sucks upon one. John Lauber frightened his parents when he bleached his hair blond and hung it over one eye; they thought Cranbrook would make a man out of him. When masculinity challenged Lauber met Romney the barber and lost his hair, he learned that Cranbrook was no place for a wimp.
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