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Countless millions of students suffering from mild retardation when given a proper education can one day become a functioning employee. They might remain slow but will get the job done.
Having a vasectomy and sterilization is a solution for guys and gals that need to limit their family size. The complete procedure can be done for free provided the lovers fall under the federal poverty line. Some concerned citizens are even offering cash rewards for participating couples.
There is something out of order when the church describes their followers as having religious convictions. The vast majority of people only follow the winds of good fortune. German concentration camps held religious services for its prison guards, many claimed religious convictions. Ninety nine percent of people are nasty and calling them anything better is a myth.
My ten years as a spiritual adviser and an unaffiliated father confessor taught me many things about the sin of adultery. One important bit of information discovered was that many married women force their husbands to use condoms and their lovers none. It led me to the conclusion that countless births are due to adulterous affairs. Some wives blame their suspicious pregnancies on a leaky rubber; hoodwinked husbands are then forced to switch to a double or heavier condom. One of my promiscuous male customers confessed to have impregnated over 50 married women. He never visited any of his children for fear of getting a beating from the woman’s husband.
Affordable rentals are the key to lower wages. If their rents were affordable workers could be hired for a few bucks a day. Chinese workers have low cost rooms while many American workers sleep in shelters. It would solve the problem if large tax breaks were given to those that rent out rooms to their low wage tenants.
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Catholics Won't Go Quietly

rahgoo Wrote: May 22, 2012 5:02 AM
Most sexual sinners are Alpha Men each has spawned over 25 illegitimate children while God fearing men support the offspring of their unfaithful wives. It is the duty of the Catholic Church to teach abstinence to the Alpha Male and have them agree to the monogamy of holy matrimony.
It took a courageous blind man to shove his cane up the butts of China`s leaders. Chen visions that they will be turned into Chop Suey or Chow Mein and served in U.S. take out restaurants. But the loyal Chinese people have faith in their leaders; they believe that one day only cattle will be on the menu instead of cats and dogs.
The free world must thank the hero Chen for his attempt to bring down a Chinese dictatorship that has kept its 1.3 billion people in rags and chains. Let us hope that he will be the spark that sets off a civil war. Countless millions might have to die before the Chinese people can eat more than fish heads and rice.
Nobody in America wants or needs Chen, it is a war mongers trick. Send him back with a seeing eye dog.
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A Racial Revolution?

rahgoo Wrote: May 19, 2012 1:37 PM
THEY? will continue being the top dogs despite the birth of many more black babies. There are presently over 6 billion people of color on the Planet ruled by 400 million of THEY?. Quality not quantity is what counts.
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