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The Angels Cried for Caroline

RAGUN CAJUN Wrote: Feb 14, 2014 8:46 AM
We do not know from the article whether Caroline's pregnancy was planned or inadvertent. If it was inadvertent many non-devout Catholics and non-Catholics,who do not understand our faith, will question why she didn't use contraception. Many who don't understand or can't reason why our faith has remained constant for two thousand years, will bemoan that she could have had an abortion and saved herself. If her pregnancy was planned one thing seems certain, it was not a decision made alone or in a vacuum. She is not the first devout Catholic to travel this same path and I pray she won't be the last. I can not perceive to know the complete heart of God but I've got to believe that Caroline might today.
A couple of points: This obviously an ethical Christian business and to accept payment for goods or services would require them to do the best they can. I know that Oregon is home but this state is not changing anytime in our lifetime. It may be time for conservatives Christians to make like "Escape From New York" and let these states sink in their own waste. I can't help but think they could open a successful business in say Texas or Louisiana.
Wow I needed this article today. So many young people willing to go against the grain. Soon that grain will go the other way.
If we truly care about the poor we would be moving away from government solutions and turning to private charity where somewhere close to 90% of funds spent actually benefit the poor. Sure some lazy able body people will "fall through the cracks" but we will soon have a country of self reliant achieves supporting themselves. Let my voice be heard loudly WE DO NOT HAVE A REVENUE PROBLEM OR A PRIORITIES PROBLEM. WE HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM.
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