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You think my name is cute? Thanks. :)
Uh, I think you missed the point there. Atheists in foxholes.
That's OK. We love you too, and hope that someday you'll overcome your indoctrination. (See how condescending that sounds?)
"What's to love about those atheists?" Hesitant to get into a tit-for-tat here, bringing up the countless numbers of Christians who have done evil in this world. Does this article display any love for atheists? Really? How many atheists have been mean to you personally, in your daily life?
There are nutty people in every group that ever existed.
This article is hilarious. Most atheists celebrate Christmas, too. It's sad that a holiday exemplified by giving, and by spending time with your loved ones is used year after year to promote hate against people you know nothing about. Who are the enraged ones here?
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