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"what more do they want? A theocracy?" In a word- yes.
Lots of people coming out of foxholes with limbs missing. Pray that they regrow those limbs. Let's see what happens.
"Paul clearly says that for God, the wisdom of men is folly." Well then, why listen to Paul?
So you've been in some foxholes, have you?
PS: Even if it were you that were suffering, I would have compassion, and would help you. Despite your nasty disposition.
False dichotomy. Try again. I identify with neither, because it's all a fairy tale.
Wow- you must be Really Serious. I can tell, because you used all caps.
I think you've got me mixed up with someone else? I haven't bashed any Catholics, or other Christians for that matter. (???)
Yeah...I don't preach anything at work. Both sides suck in that dept. BTW, what I did do at work was literally save 2 peoples' lives before 9AM, and that felt awesome. Such a hateful, hollow-eyed atheist. Your assumptions are pretty pitiful.
You think my name is cute? Thanks. :)
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