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A Strange Set of (Chicago) Values

rae37 Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 8:24 PM
Whatevs, Cruella. Big MEH.
Desperate, much, Spunky? Scrambling for the right off-note message is pretty funny to watch.
Meh. Hey, I do love the clown Rmoney features on his ad - you know, that boob from NH who claims he pulled himself up on his own, but then we find out he got government LOANS to make his business work.
Welcome to the real world, Katie.
Yeah, "Fast and Furious" Katie, point the gun elsewhere while we continue to give nutjobs unfettered access to killing machines. At the very LEAST we should limit the magazines that these dopes are allowed to purchase and empty on innocent civilians - you know, those people who can barely drop to the ground, let alone pull out their 'own weapon' in the 5-seconds it takes for a murdering clown to empty a magazine
Another soundbite taken out of context - a fine art honed by the Fixed News crowd and the shills at clownhall. Does it matter to ANY of you boobs that Obama was actually making a VALID point? Nah. Because to you, it's about gotcha politics of soundbites out of context (you can't win with the truth, that's for sure). And your dummies swallow it all whole, like good little dumbos.
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Lovely: CNN Romanticizes Taliban Poetry

rae37 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 11:36 PM
Anything with Gretchen Cleavage is miserable to witness. What a dimwitted bimbo.
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Bielat, Taxes and Much More!

rae37 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 11:35 PM
Nope. The Dems are going to follow the Obama lead and push for an extension for those who need it most, and are THE job creators in America: the middle and lower class. They will push for the wealthiest tax increases and tell the rethug to go suck on a tailpipe.
Oh, we do love the empty little rethug shill catchphrases! Yes, yes....Griglet's claiming that Obama 'didn't work' during his first term....forgetting OF COURSE the little bin Laden coup. And bringing back the auto industry while the Rethugs sat on their arsses in a big cluster-uck of "NO". Oh, and there's more: Lily Ledbetter. Taking out numerous al qaeda leaders defanging the terrorist ring. Making Rethugs look like idiots at every turn is my fav, though.
Gawd, are SUCH a liar! Even Ratsmuffin has a poll showing the complete opposite of your fib, and that's a wingnut tool telling you the harsh truth. Eisenhower and Reagan. I like how the wingnuts *suddenly* have a problem with spending on infrastructure and putting those dollars back into our GOP-wrecked economy, but didn't say 'boo' when Bush lavished a huge surplus and proceeded to dump us into a trillion-plus dollar deficit for his pet charity, "the wealthy".
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