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Miracle in Washington: Senate Might Actually Introduce a Budget

Radley2 Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 9:33 AM
The democrats strategy of attacking the House budget the last two years (the house didn't pass one in Obama's second year either) must not be working... because that line is easily put to shame when the comeback is at least they passed one, the Senate hasn't for over 1000 days is polling very padley. Why else would they suddenly change their minds? Everyuthing they do is political and has very little to do with what is best for We the People and the country. It will be interesting to see what is in this new budget plan... because they have 23 senators up for re-election and 16 of them are in a bit of difficulty. We shall see what they think of our intelligence based on what they put out and what their positions are on it.

It has been more than three years or in other words, more than 1000 days since the Democrat controlled Senate introduced a budget, not to mention passed one. At the same time, the Democratic Senate has painted the Republican House as "do-nothing," despite Republican efforts to pass multiple budgets and deficit management plans. For years, the federal government has been spending without a plan and has racked up record trillion dollar deficits every year since President Obama took office. Now, after all this time, it looks like there is some form of life coming from the Senate on a...