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How would the aide know for sure that there isn't a rift with the police rank and file? I bet that individual hasn't spoken with any of the rank and file officers... and their only knowledge of the issue is what he/she was told in a staff meeting. It's how the De Blasio (and Obama) staff of yes men and flunkies work... They are told what they need to say and they go out and say it over and over, no matter how silly or ridiculous it sounds.
If he has any questions as to why people don't trust him and are always complaining about him... all he has to do is look at this kind of dismissive childish behavior. He goes into some kind of body turn, gets a rye smile on his face and changes the tone of his voice. It is completely mocking... I've grown up thinking that someone in a position of leadership is accepting and not dismissive. That they take responsibility and don't deflect it away from themselves. That they are respectful of all... Obama does none of these. He is a rabble rouser who is in his element when he can take on this dismissive mocking kind of stance. He acts concerned when he is told it is needed... but even those speeches are just an act. Because he NEVER gives a vision or plan to move forward... instead he lists all of the things that have happened to date on an issue, then says that is not acceptable and that he is as mad as we are (usually while attacking a straw man or two in the process)... and then tells us we have to move forward on the issue. BUT there is NEVER any details as to how he will do so. He is a little man who lied his way to this office... and is now way over his head and we are paying the price for his lack of knowing what to do.
Amazing how precise he is on knowing exactly when he will have all of the strings tied up in a nice neat bow so he can unleash this on us.
This is madness... the consumer is required to pay for coverage of things that they don't need, and has to use a very narrow network of providers (doctors and hospitals). that is exactly the opposite of what would actually improve the situation for anyone. What they need to do is allow the consumer to pick what they want to be covered for... i.e: most of us don't need prenatal or pediatric coverage (all men, and a large percentage of women who are beyond child bearing stage of their lives) but we are forced to pay for it. They need to require the insurance to cover any "out of network care" and find a way to get doctors and hospitals to take the patients with this insurance. This entire system takes away choice of the consumer and puts the choice in the hands of the insurance company and medical providers. It is backwards... and that is putting it nicely.
After hearing his stock talking point comments last night - the Koch Brothers did it - and how easily Ernst brushed that aside and tore him apart for it... I'm shocked that it is even that close! And it looks like the farm community has stepped up big time to deal with the dem who thinks they aren't worthy because they didn't go to law school.
That's just how he rolls... What a fool! Does he still think anyone actually believes him? I mean he obviously thinks he is telling what happened... and his cast of yes advisors must think so too... but beyond that crew of fools no one even listens to his drivel any longer. He's lied to us to many times...
Everyone with half a brain knows that is going to happen... despite all of Obama's declarations of others being the ground forces and no US boots on the ground. 1) There are already US boots on the ground.... no matter what he says. 2) It is going to take at least 6 months to a year to get any other force ready to handle the required tasks. 3) No other military force in the world... including the Russians... has anywhere near the overwhelming fire power to quickly take over ground to set the scene for the slogging through the civilian areas to ferret out the bad guys. This is not news to anyone who has a clue...
Why? It is already legal so they will be sitting home toking up...
It is already resonating... and the wave will grow with increased exposure. I was struck listening to the ad that she very easily could be talking as an abused spouse. Seems to me that the ad exposes the real war on woman... maybe those attacking the NFL over this issue (where the percentage of abuse is 1/3rd what it is in the country) should turn their attention to the current administration and their democrat friends. Oh, wait that would mean that the democrats would have to attack themselves! As for a cheap political trick? Isn't that all politics really is... cheap tricks to get what you want with no regard for how it impacts others.
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Old and In the Way?

Radley2 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 10:11 AM
Always thought he was an idiot that you just couldn't argue with because he knows everything... Now I know he is.
Of course he did... its almost as if he is on the other side. Alos, why would he put the scourge of ISIS in the same sentence as an ongoing investigation in an American city? The only explanation is he sees them as moral equals. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Even when he wants to talk tough to show strength, he is constantly putting qualifiers and other things in so that he doesn't make anyone mad! What kind of fool is he really? It's almost as if his sympathy is on the other side... and he is only saying the words because someone told him he had too. Who is his puppet master?
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