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Along with tolerance, the conservative side has a sense of humor to go with their constitutional values. The liberal left only has anger and disdain for anyone who does not agree with them completely.
It is an absolute shame that people like April Sands, who knowingly break the law and then throw it in your face, get immunity for information that they were criminally complicit in destroying. She needs to lose her pension and land in jail for her multiple Hatch violations and investigated to find out what her role was in the targeting of Americans and in the destruction of evidence. Maddening... and I'm sure she and her friends laugh together every night. After all, they got obama elected to a second term and we are all starting to pay for it with his abusive executive law making. There are a few (as we've seen with the illegal kids crossing the border), but we need more honorable democrats to stand up and say NO MORE!!!
Agree... but Obama also advertised world wide in his speeches that he was not going to enforce the laws as written. That is the real problem as it caused the current flood.
We also have laws that reserve places for highly skilled immigrants... but unlike Canada and Australia, we don't enforce those laws. The ONLY solution needed to our "broken" immigration system is that we've stopped enforcing those laws. We've been doing that for a few decades... it didn't start with this administration, they are just the first ones to advertise it in speech after speech from the precedent. The FIRST step (and possibly the only one needed) is to enforce the existing laws and tighten up border security. We don't need new laws, we just need to enforce the ones we have. Sometimes the result of illegal behavior is not pleasant and it isn't fair... compared to what you would want to do to someone who is no breaking the law. But a law with no consequences for breaking it is useless. But we must have those laws... so sometimes kids, grandparents or parents are sent home. If you don't want to break up that family where someone did something illegal, then they can all go with the one who broke the law... why do we always want to let the illegal behavior be rewarded? ENFORCE our existing laws it he only fix we need!
He is just an old friend of her dad. And isn't all that stuff in the past? Why is it pertinent now? After all, she is a democrat... so any thing that isn't current is off limits. To the left, that is how it works... but if you are conservative or opposed to any of their ideas. Then anything you may have done in elementary school is fair game as it shows you are a bully who isn't tolerant of others.
When the facts are not on your side... yell Racist! I guess that the images of President Bush as hitler were examples of real fact based debate?
What he means is that you can see right through him because his stand on any policy is so thinly veiled against the evil straw men he is standing up to for us.
I get that all the time... and it isn't covered by obamacare. But we can get free contraception on demand.
So now you can't even keep the health care plan that you didn't want in the first place. Even though you've paid for it... When will a democrat see what is happening and actually call for its repeal and replacement? It can't be fixed... we keep finding new things in it as they happen. What will it look like when and if it is ever fully in place?
Great comment!
This is ONLY a surprise to those who live in the Washington bubble... the rest of us wondered why anyone would give her so much money for something that would not be of much interest.
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