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hmmm... that same calibration error was reported in several Ohio districts during the 2012 presidential election. Interesting coincidence... or flat out voter fraud?
We know there are several in state government because they voted for the SAFE act. I wonder if any of those fools or the guy who signed it into law are on that list.
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DWS: Dems Will Hold the Senate

Radley2 Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 9:16 PM
Hold it to what? To date they've held our prospects of a recovery in the era of Obama hostage. The Senate is lost... they will lose 9 or 10 seats.
I do not agree with him... As I think they are "peddling" policies that foster growth and prosperity for all. But just to play his rhetorical gimmick game... better to peddle fear that stupidity and weakness.
The Ice Cream parlor worker says its really a toss up because both campaigns have been to negative? Wake up lady... look at what the last 6 years have brought to our economy and world affairs. If you are attacked with misleading ads, you have to respond and alos point out your opponents issues. If you don't, you've let the democrats shape the conversation and define you. If Romney had defended himself and gone after all the vulnerabilities of the one we were supposedly waiting for, we would have rid ourselves of the present disaster who wants to rule our daily lives. Too many of us let those negavitive ads say that they don't like either side and they stayed home. Not voting is a vote for the incumbent and status quo. VOTE!!!
BUT we can restrict the travel of americans when they've been exposed to a single patient? How is that fair? If we can't cut off travel from the infected areas of part of the world - yet other nations do it, and the infected nations are trying to contain people there - how can we cut off the access of these americans to the things that they do daily? This administrations says things that just don't make sense... and contradict other things that they say constantly. Many times on the same day and often in the same statement. And we are supposed to "trust" them? We don't...
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The President Who Cried Wolf

Radley2 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 7:54 AM
It is more important to Obama that he win and be right than a few thousand American lives. He will in fact put a travel ban in place (not for flights from the infected countires - becaue there are none), for anyone who has a stamp on their passport/visa from any of the infected countries within the last 30 days. But in typical Obama fashion, it will be to late to acutally be effective to stopping us getting infected... and that will cost a few thousand of us our lives. But not to worry... because Obama will have done something. And the media will trumpet that and forget those of us who are gone. It is the new norm in the news business... not to report the news as it really is, but to report how something impacts Obama.
So she got on the plane with a fever and the CDC said it was OK... hmm, I guess their protocol of screenings ONLY deals with someone getting OFF a plane with a fever. These clowns are going to get a lot of innocent people sick and some may die. Stop all travel for anyone who has been in the infected areas of Africa in the last 30 days... it can be done by checking pass ports (which they are supposed to already be doing for international flights), if there is a stamp from on of those countries, that individual must spend 21 days in isolation before they can fly to the US. You control this kind of thing by paying a high level of attention to ALL the details of how to contain it. Not by making a multitude of speeches to reassure the public and then hoping nothing happens (that is the Obama MO). You have to actually take some actions and that always means a bit of inconvenience for some people. Heck, he should know that because anytime he visits any city, it is closed down and a lot of people are inconvenienced just because he is in town. Recall the pregnant lady in LA who his secret service detail would not let cross the road to the hospital, despite her being in labor.
What an fool he is... we all know he is a messianic figure, and they can't get sick because they are above all the little things that we mere humans have to worry about and deal with. You know, like balancing our budget and paying our bills. What a complete A-hole this clown is. He tells us for that last month that you can't catch it until the individual is symptomatic and it takes 21 days for it to develop to that point... so he bravely hugs and kisses the nurses. I wonder if he gave Duncan a big hug too? or did he only view him through the double glass from outside the Isolation ward? By the way, why does he always think it is OK and appropriate for him to kiss any lady who he is near? Can you say sexual harassment? Did he hug and kiss any of the males there? After all, we have to be fair to all genders.... Has the LBGT group spoken up on this slight? I wonder what he would think if one of the reporters on AF-1 were to suddenly break out with a fever and begin sweating heavily. Would he be so cavalier about that happening?
You can not believe anything that this white house staff and administration tells you... about anything!!! It is all wrapped up in their ideology and how it will impact their next election cycle... truth is the major casualty of this group, especially the year before the next election... and freedom is the big casualty after that election cycle when they spring their next set of regulations and wishes on us.
NO Allison, it isn't a game... It is people's lives and their lively hoods and how they support their families. We don't want to be dependent on the gravitas of the government, we want to support ourselves and take care of our own with our hard work.
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