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Here we go again... look at the HS record of a potential Republican candidate. Yet we still don't have the college grades of Obama, 8 years after he announced his candidacy. The media is amazing with its one sided leaning on all issues. I ask them, At this point, what difference does it make! Whether a Potential candidate was a good kid or a rabble rouser in High School... Rather than reach back, look at his record in office. How long before we start to hear stories about his kids and what they are doing? Or have organized union protests at his parents house. OH WAIT... that one has already happened. Imagine what the media is going to say, once he is in elected!
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(Lack Of) Truth And Consequences

Radley2 Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 6:07 PM
Your point about he quot from Earnest is what I was going to focus on too. These boys got to live the experience... get all the accolades and recognitions. The breaking of the rules took that same experience away from another team, that even if given the "title", they didn't get to enjoy the experience. Also, the boys that were not legal but were put on the roster and allowed to wear the uniform... they knowingly took that same thrill away from other boys who were legally from that little league. That is a thrill for thousands of young boys around the country... I know because I was lucky enough to be able to coach (for four years) a team of 11 and 12 year olds who were trying to reach that same goal at out local little league. And just putting that uniform on was a thrill for each of those young men. Both of these examples are theft of the opportunity for others. And this kind of knowing dishonesty in the business world is a crime... fraud. What are we allowing to happen to basic values and honor?
Maybe it is just because I have some common sense (and don't work for the IRS...) but there are not back taxes to collect if you 1) weren't in the country; 2) didn't file a tax return; or 3) didn't pay any taxes. SO where is this money magically appearing from? Did someone at the IRS find the lost Obama stash from 2009?
The ACA should be changed to the NFA Nonaffordable Fleecing Act...
Who knew? This is owned by the democrats and all of their congress people who voted this thing on to us... and in California it is owned by Governor Brown too for accepting the 2 year support of obama bucks for it. To use a phrase that the left likes to make fun of: Great job Brownie!
I didn't see a corral area for the LBGT crowd... have the muslims accepted them? Non-Tolerance in plain site! Yet we are constantly preached at to be accepting of all views... It has beeen the way of life in most areas of the world, with one major exception... amazing that the left in this country can't see that. And we are the bad guys? Amazing!!!
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The Faithful Clarity of a Moral President

Radley2 Wrote: Feb 07, 2015 10:56 AM
Erik, one more thing about his speech... and even you missed this one. He did not tell christians to get OFF their high horse. If you listen to him, he said ON their high horse. So he even messed up that simple point. He was trying to say one thing and said another... he can't even read well.
Not only was obama historically incorrect with his comments about the crusades... but he also got the high horse comment wrong. He told us to get ON our high horse. I think that this comment was off the speech... and again shows us that this great orator can't make a comment that is cogent unless he is reading it. As every time he speaks off script he completely messes it up. Of course if this was on script and in the teleprompter, his speech writers are complete in competents. Why doesn't he just go out and golf for the next two years and get out of our TV's? We would all be better off if he did that.
Agree... he is a real schmuck. How did this clown ever get elected to anything? Oh, yeah, Obama got elected (twice) so anything is possible. But this guy is a real piece of work. I don't think that the democrats are really dumb enough to let this guy be their candidate... And if he is, I wonder if the media will take him serously or will call him the hard left out of touch clown he is!
Don't send him a repeal bill... send him a replace bill and make him veto it. If the replace bill is bipartisian, and it most likely will be as there are a lot of democrats who voted for it who are not going to want to have to defend the contrast of a replace bill that gives individuals freedom of choice and helps them tailor their insurance costs to their budgets with the terrors (both fiscal and choice) of obamacare. Make him be the one who is stopping choice, access and fiscal responsibility... and any dems who stay with him will be done soon too.
IN THEIR NATIVE COUNTRY!!! Here in the US, we have a law that says that employers can not hire anyone who is illegal. At least we did before the reign of obama the first... This is a perfect example of how to fix the problem we have with our immigration system. It is not that the system is broken, it is that the laws as written are NOT enforced. Before ANY changes are made to these laws, we need to give them a chance and actually enforce them for a period of 3 or 4 years... do that and we will find that the system works fine as long as you enforce the laws.
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