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This is the second time that Cummings has been tied directly to the improper behavior. The first was the revelation that he was in communications with Lerner about looking into criminal behavior. His communication was not just a question.... it was a dialogue over a period of time. He does belong in jail.
Is ANYONE really surprised to hear this? It has been going on since this administration took office in January of 2009. These people think that they are entitled to use the power of government to get their way now that they have been elected. They have no idea what it means to actually be in control... you have a responsibility to follow the rules and be fair. But these guys think everything is a game and they have to win... what ever it is they want to win, who knows. To bad they don't have respect for their positions and our place of leadership in the world... things would be far better here at home and around the world if they just talked to people with different ideas. That is how it is set up to work... but these guys don't have a clue.
And today Udall lost the election with his presumption to speak for the two murdered journalists. These two states will land firmly Republican no matter what a poll may say today...
Quick military action is something that is pre-Obama. Nothing happens quickly in the Obama administration as they have to wait for all the poll results to come in so he knows what he should think. Also, Quick military action is most often successful... but we know that delayed or late military reactions is always disastrous and fails.
Well, um, they mean... that they don't want to get them from the back up data base because it will take to long to put the search in motion. There employees are busy doing important stuff and can't be bothered. How can they tell us this... right after they just told us that the others are not actually lost, but are actually backed up as required by law? There must really be some dumb people working there...
A challenge when he is "supposed" to be on vacation? Vacations are a luxury... does he know how many of us don't "get" to take one? Let alone to Martha's vineyard or Hawaii! He is SUPPOSED to be doing his job no matter where he is!!! His staff keeps telling us that "Presidency" travels with him where ever he goes. I guess he should tell them to hold all his calls when he is on vacation! Or perhaps he could just negotiate a cease fire with the terrorists when he wants to go on vacation so he isn't interrupted! This guy puts his foot in farther anytime he trys to explain something... It most likely is in to his A$& by now! And he applied for the job and lied to get it... so no one has any sympathy for his whining!!!
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The Latest Legislative Pay Raise

Radley2 Wrote: Sep 07, 2014 10:50 AM
They don't need a pay raise... they need to have their salary cut in half. They are in Washington way to much, send them home for 6 or 7 months a year! Have them come in for 4 or 5 months from January/February until May/June... to do the budgeting and over sight duties... then send them home. Perhaps come back for a month or two in the fall to deal with anything that comes up... but they don't need to be in Washington burning the late night lights thinking of things to do to us. Cut their staffs to 3 or 4 people max... they don't need an entourage anytime they do something. If you send them home most of the time... then they will actually live in their districts and not in Washington so they will have a clue what is going on back home. Take away the lifetime pension and healthcare they get when elected... that is an unnecessary expense we are paying for. Make them have to have a job so that pays half of their salary... and we will pay for the other half. That way, we may eliminate the lifelong political families that have distorted our system to the point that those who supposedly represent us don't live in the districts or states they represent and don't know what is happening at home. It is time for us to cleanup the congressional system and make it once again so we have real citizen legislators!
Come on Obama... follow your own "don't do stupid stuff" pledge. Who is the bigger threat to the region? Assad who to date has only wanted to stay in power in Syria and is fighting to do that.... OR ISIS, who is disregarding borders as they take territory and kill anyone who is in their way and is making threats that they are already in the US. This is an easy one... so what if Assad stays in power. He's been in that position for almost 2 years after you said he had to go. He isn't a threat to us or our interests... all he wants to do is stay in control of Syria. Attack ISIS no matter where they are.... even if they are in Laos or Cambodia.
Anyone who is living day to day, paycheck to paycheck... knows the economy is sluggish. It is all roses and wine in the lives of those who live off of the stock market... but here in the real world on main street, things cost more many of us are losing hours and pay or can't find more than part time work after being let go. It is not a pretty picture... It is still the economy stupid... but with what is going on around the world, if there is a terror event here in the states the leadership is going to be flipped on its head as the populace will stop looking for a celebrity in chief and look at qualifications and decision making ability.
The quote is the focus of the last paragraph... and quotes that. Did you read the entire piece?
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