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When Obama says he will work with anyone who is willing... what he really is saying is that anyone, is anyone who will agree with him 100%. The republicans need to work on things that will create growth in the economy and improve the individual situations of families. Put these things on obama's desk and make him show his ture colors... And at the same time, continue to fight against the lawlessness of this action, the disaster of obamacare, and all the other things obama has done to ignore our system and laws. No confirmations.... constant votes on things that will force democrats who are on the ballot in 2 years to show their true selves too. Who knows, perhaps some of them will do what is right for us and not stay in the wall of deciet that is the obama and democrat way for years. That may save some of them come 2016.
WOW! Where do these people come from? They are absolutely off their rockers... how do they come up with this awful stuff! And how can anyone believe anything that they say... that is complete nonsense!
Rationalization is a powerful tool... and he and his advisors are really working hard at it. And with all the lies he's told us in the past... and the silly connections he makes to something being lawful and within his authority after saying he can't do that for years makes this absolutlely laughable! This was a pure political speech... just like anything he ever says. Time to move on and get him out of the news, the new congress can move positive growth programs through congress and put them on his desk. And let him show us all that he is the problem because he doesn't want that for us, no he wants us dependent on him and his goverment controllers.
And you are fools! We don't own anyone in the world a seat at our table... If they want to join us, there is a legal process to do so. But you have to have skills that contribute too (rather than take from) our society. And if you meet that requirement, then you must learn our culture and language. That is what our laws say now... This entire "broken system" premise is completely off target. Becasue they are talking about illegal immigration that is allowed to happen because our laws are not enforced as written. Enforce those laws and the system works... ignore them and the system isn't broken, you are not implementing it.
VEry good points... but you are missing ONE thing that voter ID laws may do to decide the outcome of an election that is a few points difference. Voter ID laws are a strong defense against voter fraud. And that is the entire reason for voter ID laws in the first place... to protect the integrity of every individuals vote by reducing the opportunity for voter fraud. PERIOD!!!
Hogwash... no one believes a thing this guy or anyone in his administration says any more. He's lied to us so many times that he doesnt' even realize he is doing it anymore.
He would be far better served (and less embarrassed by being denied by the networks) to just do a mid-day announcement from the rose garden. Yes, it will be a bit cold outside... and possibly be snowing too. But that would be a very fitting setting for this kind of announcement becasue of what it is going to do to the rule of law and the sepearation of powers that our system of government requires.
Good thing there is a football game on... so we have an option to watch something other than this blow-hard trying to look like he has a clue. Or we can watch HGTV, DIY or the Gameshow network.... anything but this fool
They will ignore the democrats not agreeing... hey, did you hear the BIG NEWS of the day? There was a diagreement during the republican leadership lunch about who got to sit where?
Love this post... Great simplicity!
If he claims to have just learned of this... and is well briefed before he goes out to answer questions. Just what is in those briefings? His constant claims to have just learned about something in the news... quiet frankly is a compete insult and lends a lot of weight to Gruber's claim that they think "We the People" are stupid!
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