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Quote from AP"Obama has vowed repeatedly to enact biting sanctions against Russia's vital economic sectors if FILL IN CRISIS HERE." Once again, the precedent is putting himself out on the end of the limb and letting someone he threatens cut if off. What Putin wants is control of the internet... and he will eventually be offered that by Obama if Putin just agrees to give him the saw. And as has happened many times during Obama's administration the precedent will give up control and Putin will keep the saw. Obama never learns... he still thinks he can do anything. Although, I have to say he was right when he said he would heal the planet... after all, during his time in the precedency, climate change has been debunked as fraudulent. So maybe he did save the planet after all. LOL
I'm shocked... SHOCKED, I say. Ok, it isn't a surprise at all... just another democrat lie and deception.
You are correct, that "No competent labor economist takes the 23 cent wage gap injustice claim seriously, " My concern is the uninformed potential voter.... and the media who regurgitate the silliness of this claim and the impact they have on those uninformed voters.
I'd vote for Brown any day of the week and twice on Sunday... but there are two reasons I can't. 1) I am from NY 2) I have a photo ID Also, as we all know only democrats and those that they drive to the polls in vans can vote out of state and more than once.
But the big question on that 7.5 million number is how many of them are happy about having to change to a more expensive policy where they have to change doctors, can't go to the nearest hospital and if they have a pre-existing condition (cancer, MS, Lukemia, etc..) they can't have their expensive medications that have been working for them. It's not the number... it's how they feel about their situation. And if you lost the policy, doctor and hospital you chose and now have to pay more money, you are not happy.
This one line is the most accurate description of Harry Reid that I've ever read or heard: "Mentally ill man can't stop talking about the monsters under his bed." He is the poster child for why individuals should not be allowed to stay in public service in Congress for more that 10 years or so. His time of being concerned and looking out for his constituents has long passed. And he has gotten rich by looking out for himself and his new friends win Washington and forgetting the needs of his state. A solution to the longevity issue would be to take away most of the perks that these guys get while "serving" for us. They should be required to have a Full Time job that they take a leave from and their salary should be the average of the income in their districts while serving.... they should NOT get life time pensions at their full salary... They should NOT get free health insurance for life after they've "served" us... Their staff should be only 2 or 3 people and a secretary.... and they should not have expenses accounts for food, boos and other items they consume in their offices (they shold have to buy their own food, just like we do)... they should NOT be in Washington more than 4 or 6 months a year (do the budget, do their oversight and stop passing laws that intrude on the states rights to govern the people who live in that state. Do those things... and a couple more... and the long stays in congress will stop and the getting rich and sense of entitlement among the (self appointed) "political elite" will disappear. Simple solution and no need to try to make term limits constitutional... they will self limit.
First, this was a despicable act and thankfully Hillary was not hurt. However.... The media is telling this by stating that Hillary "ducked" the shoe as it was thrown at her.... that is not correct. If the shoe had been on target it would have hit her right in the face. She reacted to the sound of the shoe hitting behind her... or her reflexes are so slow that she didn't react until it was too late. If you don't believe it, watch the video again... Is this the kind of person we want as our leader? She is slow to act... if she even acts at all (Benghazi). She of the same ilk as our current precedent and will only give us more of the same... Do you want that?
I would have expected that those two votes would be Pelosi and Reid... I know, I know, Reid is in the Senate, but they are democrats and the democrats seem to think its OK for anyone to vote anywhere (and that isn't voter fraud, no, its just being fair)
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The Amnesty Lobby's Deportation Lie

Radley2 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 9:43 AM
so you're telling us that the are misleading us with their premise? WHO knew... besides anyone who pays even a smidgen of attention to it. This administration can not be trusted at all in any area with any information... it is all manipulated and designed to make "The One" look saintly. After all, if he is discredited during his US Reig... er, ah Presidency how will he ever be King of the UN? And be able to rule over the world!
I can hear Cummings now... that was my staff, I don't know everything that they do. How could anyone know everything that their staff is doing? After all, that is the standard procedure for democrats when they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar... things are just so big that no one can know everything. And the solution they always come up with? Make it bigger so that there is oversight responsibilities. And the spiral continues... I think Cummings is now exposed for what he really is doing with this investigation into IRS improper behavior... he is obstructing it.
Any tracking of the location of an individual just because they own a fire arm is not constitutional because of the 4th amendment... So if that is what he wants to do it can't be done. However, the safety issue of having a device in the vicinity of a fire arm for it to be able to fire is something that is worthy of being looked at... as anyone who hunts or is a sport shooter should have no problem with this type of safety device. BUT if it can track location of any kind in any way it is a non-starter.
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