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Highlights of Obama plan to tax wealthy

Radley2 Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 11:11 AM
Loopholes in the inheritance tax? That it costs the government Billions annually is complete BS, as that wealth is not the property of the government. It is the wealth of a family that has already been taxed. The government has no owenership over it. Capital gains tax is another way that the government wants to claim ownership of an individuals wealth. The idea that the income of an individual should be taxed is something that is hard to swallow as that income also is not the property of the government. When the income tax was institutied the government promised us that it would NOT go above 3%. Well as we know, government is power (and also lies alot), so they kept raising it as they saw a way to grow their power. Governement should get any and all revenue that they obtain threw cost of services provided... and that should tied to the qulaity of that service they provide. That would keep government in its proper size and greatly improve the quality of any service they do provide. Obama should not be looking for new things to spend money on until he can balance a budget....
Government is force... and I am wondering why the obama adminsitration continually wields that force against americans doing their jobs and doesn't use it against the terrorists who want to kill some or all of us? Seems to me this is another example of complete hogwash from this group of vindictive want-a-be kings!
Obesity is not caused by McDonald's.... it is caused by parents who take their kids there daily for meals becasue they can't be bothered to take the time to helpt their kids; It is caused by individuals who have no idea how to contorl themselves and eat to much, anywhere, not at McDonald's; AND it is caused by the know it dietary know it alls who have taken natural nutirents out of our diets with the edits to eliminate salt, fat, etc... those naturally occuring things in food are required by our bodies to digest calories and make our the body stay balanced. To much of anything is bad, and eliminating something we need is evey worse. McDonald's is a feel good american story... and I am going to get a cup of coffee!
Do the gay rights loving social liberals in this country know that this is what much of the rest of the world is like? Here, they are left to their own pursuits... outside our borders they would be killed in heinous ways just becasue someone suggests that they are not like those who make the rules. Seems to me that they should be quiet and enjoy the freedoms that this country has afforded them to puruse their chosen lifestyle. But no, they are in our faces daily with demands... wake up and enjoy your freedom.
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Obama's Budget Busts Spending Caps

Radley2 Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 9:41 AM
The facts are that obama's smalest deficit is MORE than Bush's largest deficit. And we are told that Bush was irresponsible and spent indiscrimantly... and caused the housing bubble to blow up the economy. How does that make any sense? Cut spending, change to a 2 year budget cycle on a zero based process, reform all of Social Security Medicare and medicaid, replace obamacare with something that is market based, AND reform the tax system by changing it to a flat tax. Do these things and we will ge most of our lost liberty back. Hard work is hard to do, but it is the thing to do...
Obama isn't ignorant of how business works... he just knows so much that isn't true. And what about grandparents? They should get paid 6 weeks of paid leave so that they can help out new parents! And then we have siblings and aunts & uncles... they want to get in on this too. Heck, why doesn't the entire company shut down for 6 weeks after anyone on the staff has a baby... What a cluck this guy is! He has lost any sense of constitutional limits and responsiblities. It is scarey to think that there may have been some students that he may have taught this kind of stuff!
Talking about having votes to override a veto is ridiculous... put it on his desk, followed by dozens of other bills that will help create an economic climate where jobs will be created... and let him veto them. Do that and he will expose himself as the real problem with the stagnation we are feeling. And a bonus will be votes by democrats in congress that show some of them to be his partners in obstruction. Do that and you will make them expose themselves and help with their defeat in the next election! Don't get caught up in talk of votes to override a veto... do your jobs and put things will help us on the desk for signature. Make sure that those bills are completely written out so that the staff in some back office won't write regulations to change the will of congress.
Another grandstand announcement on an issue that will poll very well... and when the bill is in place will be another shell for regulations to be written to support by unelected unknown staffers of an alphabet department. We don't need a law that tells companies to do all kinds of things to protect themselves from cyber attacks. What a clown... and it is always the same MO. Complete BS to write more controlling regulations.
Not surprised about Holder... afterall, the terrorists aren't members of the Republican or TEA party. But France? how can France come off as more resolute than the US? ONLY in the era of obama!!!
Yes... it is necessary as it will give us more energy security and help eliminate any impact the unstable middle east will have on us in the future. You don't stop something that improves your lot just becasue a temporary change takes place. It is called progress in the real world... but can be skipped in the political world of the left that fluctuates constantly. Anyone who says we don't need it anymore is a fool... but then obama and the left are fools.
Hal161, this is the BEST analogy I've heard in a long time! "You're having a battle of wits with an unarmed entity." Thanks for the laugh!
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