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Before ANY bill to change how we view ILLEGAL immigration... we need to enforce the laws as written for a few years. I think if we do that, we will find that we can solve the illegal immigration problem. And then focus on dealing with attracting talented legal immigrants to come join us in our system of freedom!
"the truth is..." "Here's the truth..." "We don't need to )tell the truth" because the law was passed..." "No, I don't think the decisions was made to lie because..." Bernard had some really strong arguments... He isn't being obtuse, its just that he knows so many things that just aren't true! He is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts!
Gruber has it WRONG... they had to mislead and deceive about what obamacare really was, not because the voters are stupid. No, it is because most of us knew what was happening. The only ones that were stupid were the koolaide drinkers that are on their side... they had to have those guys out there spouting their lies for them hoping to turn the tide so that the bill became popular. You see the proof that we knew they were lying is that this bill has never been popular, it has never been above 40%... and the negative is always over 50%. They did their lying to the American voters in the campaigns to get elected... in 2006 & 2008. In 2012, they just attacked their opponents.... This law is going to come down on its own... and it will be replaced with something that is market based and will give those who don't get their insurance purchased with pre-tax dollars a deduction so that their expenses medical coverage and insurance is also tax fee. That would have been a very sensible first step... not the obamacare monster that is costing a lot of us thousands of dollars.
He had lofty goals... and all he had to do to at least appear to really want to accomplish them was to talk with memebers of congress and create relationships. Not the leaders in congress... congress members, your representative, mine, a lot of them. But unfortunately, he thinks talking to someone to create a relationship is reading a speech off the teleprompter in front of TV camera's with citizens as props behind him. He has been weighted, he has been measured and he has been found wanting of even the smallest of ability to forge a relationship with anyone who isn't feinting and drooling over his presence in the room.
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The Net Neutrality Tax Hike

Radley2 Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 6:18 AM
And what will a future government choose to sensor? Think back to the origin of our founding and sensor ship of everyday life is one of the two big things that brought us into being. The other being... taxes. The left wants to go back and be king and make all our decisions and make us pay for what they decide we must do and have.
thanks for the chuckle... I am sure George Jefferson is having a good belly laugh too!
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Why Mark Begich is Refusing to Concede

Radley2 Wrote: Nov 08, 2014 3:06 PM
He shouldn't have won in 2008... he only won because the dems made false charges against his opponent. Time to Mark...
I wonder if they even know there was another option?
It is absolutely amazing that all of these voting machine malfunctions are always to the detriment of the republican. It can't be pure coincidence. In a close election a few of these machines "malfunctioning" could and would turn an election. I wonder if any of these types of things went unnoticed in Virginia?
The unemployment number doesn't resonate as important any longer because you can't trust any information that this administration give you. They manipulate and lie for blatantly political reasons with everything they say... so it is actually meaningless. The middle class is where most of the money is in our system (look at a bell curve of income) and we feel what we feel... and it is not that the economy is getting better.
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The Shrinkage of the Obama Majority

Radley2 Wrote: Nov 07, 2014 9:47 AM
Great points... but in point number 5, you've made the same mistake that many in the media do. You used the language "trick" that the DEMOCRATS want the media to use... you referred to them as "Democratic". This should say either Democrat governance, or Governance by the Democrats. The Democrats want everyone to think that they are the Democratic party because everyone thinks that we are a democracy. And that therefore they are a reflection of what we were founded as. They are not and we are not a straight democracy... we are a representative Democratic Republic.
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