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HE does this kind of thing AGAIN, and has the nerve to say that the house is a do nothing place. This will KILL any money for the immediate issue. No matter how you feel of the immediate, Reid is the one doing Obama's dirty work and they are the problem with what we are seeing in Washington. The only reason Pelosi is not an issue anymore is that she is the minority leader and doesn't control the house agenda anymore.
What a fool... but she did get all of her important talking points in to her answer. Problem is that it was all in the form of incomplete thoughts... and she just spoke the words with no explanation of real circumstances. Oh, I forgot, she is a democrat... so no explanation of her wrong premises.
Now we know why Obama told Romney that the 80's wanted their foreign policy back... he wanted to borrow it. And is working hard to develop a plan to deal with a Russia that is defiant and in his face.
Don't know about your boss... but if I sent an email to him with that error in it, I would be getting a lecture on how important it is that we screen things so that we don't have this kind of error in any correspondence we put out. It is important that we look like we have a clue... Guess that they don't care about appearances in this administration. Or maybe they've just given up on them as they continue to spin down the rabbit hole!
John Conyers is a fool... want to impeach someone, start with him.
Well, we better get super star ( who served in Vietnam) on the job with his diplomatic skills. I think that if the Russians agree to stop all testing we will double our exports to them and stop on plans to build or develop any new ships for our navy and planes for our air force. Yeah, that is what kerry and obama will think is fair... Stop trade now, and put a freeze on all Russian assest in the US immediately. And stop talking with them until all testing has stopped completely and they have withdrawn all of their military assests out of Ukrain.
Add a third IF TRUE point... If all of those making minimum wage are the primary wage earners who support a family. THis is not true, as most of those who make minimum wage are young workers just starting their work experience and who still live with mom and dad. Also there is a large number of those making minimum wage who are the secondary wage earner in a home, who just want some extra money for spending. The number of minimum wage earners who don't fit into one of these two areas is small... So that $3 actually would only help a few get our of poverty... and there are other ways to help them do that. That will not hurt employment of those just starting their work experience... and will not raise the prices of everything we buy or put small business's out of business and cost more people their jobs.
You have to talk face to face... one on one, and develop some relationships so that you have a common starting point. This clown declares something and thinks it will happen, and if they (either side) don't do exactly what he wants he thinks he demonizes the republicans. No relationship, no trust, nothing will happen... and it is not going to change because even if he comes in to talk now, no one trusts him to do what he says he will do. THe best thing he can do for the country (We the People) and for the democrats in 2016 (it is to late for the mid terms) is to flat out resign and let Biden make a fool of himself for a couple years. He won't do any worse than Obama and he may even be able to get some things done because he may talk with members of both parties in congress.
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Will Obamacare Cost You Your Job?

Radley2 Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 6:51 AM
And the geniuses in congress who voted this thing upon us didn't even think about this stuff... they were to busy blaming republicans for being obstructionist's because they were suggesting that this kind of thing would happen. But not to worry... they have their government perks to take care of them, and one of precedent obama's fixes to this disaster was to allow for the staffs (of these big thinkers who didn't do their job) to get subsidies so they didn't have to lose that $8,000. With out these subsidies, the staff members were going to have to quit because they couldn't afford the insurance. THAT is reason to dump the entire thing... as we all still have to face this and find a way to cut our budgets to be within the law. Health insurance is a decision, not a right and this could be done without spending "one thin dime" of government money. Just let market forces of the spending power of millions of Americans force the costs down by letting them control their lives and money.
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