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So if you are saying Jarrett is the decision maker... you implying that "precedent" obama is a puppet? How can you.... Oh, now I see your point! And it makes a lot of sense as he seems to be a complete mindless drone who just speechifies issues and explains things in his one on one cushy "interviews" with ABC, CBS, NBC and univision. Oh wait, Jorge on Univision acutally drills a bit. I am guessin that with the alphabet networks he gives them the questions to ask so he can "clarify" his remars that he speechified to us. Maybe his being a drone himself is why he likes flying them so much as his preferred method of interrogating terrorists.
Of course she doesn't oppose obama's actions to protect illegals at the expense of american citizens. That is why she was nominated...
It is embarassing to have another of these whacko liberal anti-american constitution obama nominees put into place. This kind of ridiculous approvals has to stop!
Once a liar, always a liar.... he has committed perjury. Will DOJ have the guts to prosecute him? Or do they only go after perjurers who are really dangerous to the public, like baseball players?
Arrogance at its absolute worst... he thinks what he is saying is true. And that is dangerous and how dictators act.
Yes, it is supposed to not make sense... the initial witness put on live by CNN said he stood with his hands up when he was shot... but also that he was shot in the back as he ran away. That contradiction should have clued in anyone who wanted to pay even a bit of attention that this guy wasn't a very good witness. And, this is the same clown that was with Brown when he robbed the store... That is the genesis of this hands don't shoot stuff, a blatant lie that the media didn't catch. But in the era of obama, blatant lies seem to be what passes for political speech.
These people are supposed to be in the know on a variety of issues... and they are still clinging to the lie that Micheal Brown stood with his hands up as he ran away and was shot in the back. Read the grand jury report and get back in reality... or go home and get out of all of our lives. FOOLS....
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The Other America

Radley2 Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 9:54 AM
Outstanding.... imagine how well we would do if our (supposed) leaders in governmnet actually did things that would help us in our daily lives, instead of doing things that put their thumb on us and our money. Think about what could happen!
How can he be sure about not being the architect? He didn't seem to be able to recall very much of anything except that he was Glib. And I think he owes Mrs. Luumis an apology for trying to use glibness as a defense. She hit the nail on the head with her powerful presentation as to why the increase of costs are slowing. God bless her for staying composed while she got the truth out!
Maybe the UN should just pass a resolution to make targeting civilians against international law! Get out of your little PC box and back into reality. If they go after us... there will be consequences for them... and if protecting your family and mine means that some of the bad guys who choose to do harm to us if they can have to deal with difficult situations then so be it. I have no problem with our military and Intelligence agencies doing what they ahve to do to protect us from those who choose to do harm to any of us. Maybe they should just say please before they ask them questions in a nice comfortable setting. Yes, that will surely get the truth from these evil guys who can endure far more than the average american can even dream of. Get in the real world... there are evil men in the world and it takes more than a nice please to protect us from them. strongly stated letter to follow...
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