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I wonder what Susan Rice thinks... after the destruction that her boss, precedent obama has done to the US-Israeli reltationship, does she think Netanyahu's speech can make it worse? He is here to defend his nation from the destruction that obama is doing to the relationship... by his complete capitualtion to Iran in supposed negotiations. She really should stop talking, becasue everytime she opens her mouth to tell us something, she comes off sounding like a compelte dolt.
WHAT? The White House is claiming that Netanyahu "has failed to present a feasible alternative to American proposals for constraining Iran’s nuclear program." That is nuts as the White House proposals are to not let them do anything for 10 years...then its OK for them to have a nuke! That isn't a plan... it is a complete failure of doing their jobs! 1) The Iranians are not going to abide by any agreement... they are going to keep talking and continue to work towards a nuke. They haven't lived up to anything ever so why would they do it now when confronted with weakness? 2) The idea of negotiating so that it doesn't happen on their watch and becomes someone else's problem is just kicking the can down the road... no solution, just talk. 3) Iran is playing these guys like they are the JV team... which we all know they aren't even to that level. ANYTHING that they have "accomplished" during their time in office has been through force and not through negotiation. And that includes any election that Obama has won.
Who knew? Anyone who as acutally knows anything about how email works... or has any comon sense. Of course there are millions out there who don't fit into either of these two areas, and those people only hearthat the Republicans are on a fishing expedition.
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CNN, DHS and SPLC's Blame-Righty Hit Job

Radley2 Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 7:17 AM
Michelle, I will go on step further than asking if CNN is part of "law enforcement"... and wonder outloud, that if they received copy of the document are they replacing MSNBC as the mouth piece of the administration and CNN is NOW the official news service of the obama administration? Seems to me that is what DHS is saying when they say it isn't for publc release... yet CNN has a copy of the full document.
Tough talk from John Kerry? Wow... but it will only last until he next extension is agreed too. Becasue Obama still has 23 months left in office, so at months per extension he still as 4 more to use until his complete failure to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb becomes someone else's problem. With this tough talk from Kerry, I'm left wondering if he served in the military... perhaps in Vietnam?
They've lost their way a they've followed the progressives to the far left... and if the keep putting the kind of individuals who have been in their leadership positions for the las 15-20 years they will never know who they are.
This latest extension granted to help voters avoid the pain of obamacare is going to have its own "unintended consequences"... a it runs until April 30th (15 days) after taxes are due. So many of these people who were not up to speed enough to realize that they faced a penalty... I would say that they are most likely left leaning democrats who must watch MSNBC as they didn't know that there was a penalty... are now going to have issues with not filing their taxes for last year in time because of all the tax implications of obamacare, despite this being put on next years filings. I wonder if the democrats in congress who pleaded for this extension will them lobby the administration to have the IRS waive the penalties for them filing taxes late because they thought the obamacare extension allowed them to not file for last year. This thing is going to catch more of the uninformed than it actually pays out benefits for.
Ouch!!! She has such a sharp wit... and knows so much that just isn't so.
It was only fair that he get an A... after all, he was the one they were waiting for!
Here we go again... look at the HS record of a potential Republican candidate. Yet we still don't have the college grades of Obama, 8 years after he announced his candidacy. The media is amazing with its one sided leaning on all issues. I ask them, At this point, what difference does it make! Whether a Potential candidate was a good kid or a rabble rouser in High School... Rather than reach back, look at his record in office. How long before we start to hear stories about his kids and what they are doing? Or have organized union protests at his parents house. OH WAIT... that one has already happened. Imagine what the media is going to say, once he is in elected!
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