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Great comment!
This is ONLY a surprise to those who live in the Washington bubble... the rest of us wondered why anyone would give her so much money for something that would not be of much interest.
This has been misconstrued by almost everyone ever since the phrase "stand down" was used by someone to describe what happened. Stand down means stop all activity and go home.... An order to stay in place (with tasks to be dealt with) is NOT a stand down order. In the sound byte world we live in, someone using a military term incorrectly has completely changed the focus.... and in the fast paced sound byte world, no one has take then time to differentiate between the two different orders. I believe this was first used in the hearing with the Station chief Hicks... I don't recall if it was him or a congress member who used the term... but it took off and changed what the perception was of what happened. Standing down completely or remaining in place (to protect a different set of assests) are complete different. And anyone who has any basic training in tactics knows that often times a small attack is used as a diversion and when the security forces all rush to help with the small attack, then the real attack is unleashed. Imagine if the real target was the embassy in Tripoli. In WWII the naval battle of Leyte Gulf, the Japanese were doing just that... but when the US Naval forces chased the Japanese northern "fleet" (the distraction), their southern force backed away and snatched defeat from the victory they may have had. Benghazi is a complete failure on our part for two reasons... we didn't put security in place before hand when it was asked for; and then we didn't react at all with any assests from nearby (other than in country in Tripoli). We didn't because the people in charge were completely caught off guard. Those two things are the failures... the crimes are the cover up by the politicians looking to get re-elected, and the shutting down of witness' to support that cover up. The politicians should all be held accountable... but they are getting a pass. And that is criminal in its face.
I wonder if any of this money actually ended up in the slush fund for voter fraud operations?
I guess Rush was wrong... he has succeeded. But at what cost?
Obama will say more than that... he will give him a lecture on what his place is and that he needs to respect his place. He will tell him that this is way above Perry's pay grade... and to (wait for it...) to trust him to work it out.
I wonder why Obama doesn't call a summit at the white house... where he could bring in all kinds of his friends, break them up into small working groups and have them come back in 2 hours with their ideas. Isn't that how he's dealt with several other crisis' in his time in office? I recall he "solved" all kinds of problems his first year in office this way. It was just as if he was back in the class room and his students were solving the problems of the world. We need a white house summit... not a round table meeting to set up another meeting! How has he missed this solution?
It appears that she doesn't even know what the decision was about. Not surprised...
Just think what Texas would be like if Davis was elected Governor... "For Davis being considered "Joan of Arc," her supporters were unable to name a single achievement. " Sounds a lot like another female liberal "icon" who is celebrated as the next to be crowned too. I think that she will find the same fate as Davis, because frankly, abortion and contraception are NOT women's health care issues. They are completely unrelated to women's health, unless of course you consider pregnancy a disease. The American people are not as stupid as the democrats think, and the more they scream war on women and women's health with regard to this kind of thing, the more people think that this is just them doing the repeat the lie enough thing.
We keep hearing that our immigration system is broken... It is ONLY broken because the laws as written are NOT being enforce. So before there are ANY new laws written to fix what ever make believe problem there may be... we need to enforce ALL the laws as written so we can see that it works. And if and ONLY if enforcing ALL the laws for at least 3 years (so you get a good picture) will we know if there needs to be any tweaks. Doing anything (other than enforcing the laws as written) now would be malpractice as you will be puttiing something in place that is meant to create problems... comprehensive problems. And another reason NOT to do anything... is that we know that this president will promise things and then do something different. Which would make any law done now before we actually know if there is an issue even worse as he would then just pick what he likes and delay what he doesn't like... in the name of fairness, compassion, practicality, etc... take your pick. You can't trust this guy!
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