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Oh, I forgot that we didn't do anything immediately as we didn't want to escalate... so we let them advance and continue to take over parts of the Ukraine. Mr. Precedent... that is what weakness looks like.
150 troops... weeks after the invasion of Crimea. I am sure that Putin is shaking in his boots and is rethinking his actions. 10 times this many troops the week the invasion happened, with air and naval assets too and that would be a statement that says we are serious. Instead, we sanction Putin's only a dozen individuals, make speech's telling him he is acting with 20th century tactics and from weakness, send MRE's to the Ukraine, negotiate an agreement (basically) with our selves (based on our wishes) that says he is to stop all advances and don't send any military assets for weeks. That is really tough talk ... and I'm sure that every meeting Putin has with his staff starts with a good belly laugh at our feckless overmatched precedent. And despite all the tough (lol) actions from Obama... and Putin's 20th century weak tactics... IN the end, Russia is in control of Crimea and looking for a bigger chunk of Ukraine.
The democrats should love and welcome this finding... as that is 164 fines that they can level on people to raise revenue. Hey, maybe that is their plan with voter fraud, to create a potential revenue stream when someone is caught. And of course the votes that they get by having people vote for them twice. Now to be serious... how can anyone who says they are interested in the integrity of our Republic be against anything that protects the integrity of yours, mine and our collective vote. Be very wary of anyone who thinks that any effort to protect vote integrity as they are most likely not looking out for your interests, and only want to be in power (at all costs... even the viability of our Republic!).
A false add like this sets Hagan up for an add that says she lied to you about being able to keep your insurance plan, doctor and hospital... play a video clip of her saying it. Then say something like and now she's lying to you again about what Tillis actually said... play the two clips. End with saying Hagan has lied to you in the past, she will lie to you today and continue to do so. Like the Titanic after it hit the ice berg, Hagan 's campaign is a Sinking ship...it just hasn't completely gone under yet. Obamacare is the Ice Berg, her lies are not having any lifeboats on board.
THe state department has approved this and given the green light on it TWICE... guess those were just imaginary approvals given to make it look like it was going to happen and give Hilly and Barry a bump in some polls somewhere. Now they are going to do it all again... and I am guessing that when they need that bump, State will do what it has to do. Get these clowns out of office and put in adults who will work for us and not for themselves.
AND, the ethanol damages the small engines on your lawn mowers and snow blowers. This never should have been put in place... or subsidized. Government should not subsidize anything, let things sink or swim on their own merits in the free markets. My favorite oil is bad item is anytime there is any kind of a spill we see pictures of the birds covered in oil... yes it is sad. But how come we NEVER see any pictures of the dead birds under the "green" wind turbines or around the solar farms. The oil only happens once in a blue moon (if that much for any literal liberals out there)... while the wind turbines and solar farms kill these birds daily.
And the dems told us that the GOP put forward some poor candidates in the past? Wow....
He must be distracted by his name starting to emerge in the IRS scandal as looking to prosecute conservative groups for lying. LOL... how did this guy get elected? He bumbled and stumbled through his appearance on the Sunday shows too...
Can you actually commit perjury when you make a statement as you exercise your 5th amendment right? I didn't think you could... but after reading this, I stand corrected. I wonder who in DOJ is putting together the investigation into in accurate statements under oath by Lois? Even if she does end up getting immunity... she has already committed perjury. by the way, I would not give it to her, I would go farther down the chain to get those who were directed by her to do illegal things and fry the liar.
Just to clarify... when she saysin the second last paragraph that "One IRS prosecution would make an impact and they wouldn't feel so comfortable doing the stuff," she wrote. "So, don't be fooled about how this is being articulated – it is ALL about 501(c)(4) orgs and political activity." " That is code for their exercising their constitutional right to free speech; and participating in the political discussion... who knew?
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