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Here is my 'non credentialed' take on muslims, islamist,and jahadist: The Koran and Sharia Law are Evil. No matter what these 'scholars' say or write if they are following the teaching lying to advance the cause of islam is not a sin and is encouraged when working with the dreaded infidel. Stating that hurting innocent people, Christians or Jews is against the teaching of the Koran is not accurate or factual. The teaching of the koran is to spread isalm....before tortuing or killing the infidel he is giving the chance to 'convert'....and sometimes, the 'opportunity to pay 'tax' until his wealth is gone and then he will have the same 'conversion' problem. The intent of stye adherents of islam is to 'cleanse' their country of the 'dreaded infidel'......look at the past 1,400 years and you will see how successful they have been....nothing has changed.....EVIL is on the march....appeasement will not work, it is gonna get even uglier imho
Riddle me this: If ISIS/Isil want to violently overthrow the United States government. That is TREASON. so why aren't these folks being arrested and charged with treason the minute their feet hit the ground here? Two advantages: We can shoot traders and that should stop the others from returning.
Riddle me this: If ISIS calls for the violent overthrow of the US government, then how is it possible that anyone returning from ISIS who is coming to US or a US citizen is not arrested for treason when he/she steps off the plane on US soil ?
What a moron...does the term 'useful idiot' fit here?
Too many 'Hall Monitors'......Keep up the good work, Kroger.
A couple questions: 1.) If the respondent says he disagrees with 1 or more of the tenants...so what? (a.) He is encouraged to lie to the infidel so nothing changes, 2.) How are you going to get rid of the Muslims, citizen or not, in this country? Or are you going to ignore them and figure well they are American Citizens although their allegiance is certainly not to this country or its ideals & principals.
Can anyone give me some idea (not a guess) of how long it will take us to repay this $7 Trillion and how much we will have paid in interest to pay this sum?
“I knew that what I was going to do was right because it was right for me and no one else.” I agree. It was right for her and no one else.....so, no more abortions.......just sayin'
Let me see if I understand this: The state Attorney General, trumps the State Supreme Court, the Governor, the State Legislature and the oath of office is legally meaningless. Just to be clear.
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An Unconscionable Silence

radio talk shows Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 12:09 PM
Pamaela, I think you are correct. If things do not turn around somehow, our kids and grandkids will never know just how great a country can be. I fear the sayiing about folks who give up liberty for security end up with neither.
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