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Of course you have God on your side, how could you not have God on your side? A very angry (and un-Christian) God, indeed, based upon the vitriol this author has for apparently everyone and everything that do not conform to his infantile psychology of hate. The Crusades ended in the 13th Century.
he really just needs his Zoloft dose adjusted...
the Weather Underground didn't need to overthrow the US government, the Nixon administration managed to do it all by itself...
what an incredible waste of time and money
A bit hard to "destroy" someone when you never even let them get a word in edgewise.... Grandstanding pip-squeak...
Bozell just gets more and more prudish by the day--I'm convinced this dude is in the closet.
All the speculation that's fit to print... TH really needs to get a grip.l
Bitter and classless to the very end.
Every single thing that has happened to Michael Lee in his life is a result of crony connections starting with the fact that he was the son of Rex Lee, noted Mormon leader who got little Mikey a clerkship at the US Supreme Court. Lee wouldn't know anything about the free market if it slapped him in the face.
Like I'm sure the Mitt-ster, with his vast experience in geopolitics, has talked to all the world leaders about our status in the world--pleeze. This is a classic example of a political has-been's arm chair quarter backing. Romney needs to go back to what he does best, making obscene amounts of money doing Salt Lake's work for the greater glory of the bizarre cult he belongs to.
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