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CNN: Zimmerman Prosecutor Axed Only Black Juror for Being a Fox News Viewer

radical notion Wrote: Jul 18, 2013 10:20 AM
To reiterate web_master's point, which should be obvious, there is a difference between being in a minority and being different racially. For example, the liberals and progressives that post on TH are a minority (duh) irrespective of their race. AA deals with underrepresented groups by race, creed, gender or national origin. Its too bad that TH commentators like Katie Pavlich aren't better educated on issues like this.

Because "real" blacks watch MSNBC and CNN, while fake blacks watch Fox News wit dem creepy a#s crackers.

Note that there has been a lot of outcry from those who support the prosecution for the lack of blacks (i.e., zero blacks) on the jury.

UPDATE (Katie)
- CNN Anchor Carol Costello incorrectly stated that all six of the women on the Zimmerman jury were white. This is false. Five jurors were white and one juror was Hispanic.

The revelation that a black juror was cut due to being a Fox News...