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none of the above, he will qualify for only one job: Assistant to Barack Hussein Obama, in dealing with house vermin.
He is leaving too many useful - useless - idiots behind, we have to re educate them if we have any hope of bringing America back!!!
I was just about to make the same comment, but you got a head of me. Just goes to show that Obama and the people he is surrounding himself with are such idiots, just as he is.
She will just continue to do what Holder did not finish, he is still dealing with Ferguson and "MR. Brown", and I am sure she will keep on doing what he started, she is not different, and she will just be the unfinished term of holder. This is a very good reason to vote Republican in 2016, and get the rats out!!!
You are so correct, she is not good for the country or anyone in it.
" Rudy Giuliani said "I do not believe that the president loves America" Mr. Giulani was very polite, I would have said it this way:" I believe that the president does not love America."
It should not require some very wealthy patriotic citizen, you know how to copy and paste and send to every one on your contacts.
Bravo!!! This is our true enemy and the person who practices it as if it were a religion is no other than B. H. Obama, Yimach Shemo Vezichro.
I read that there is speculation that Columbus was one of those hidden Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity of face death. Whether it is true or not he definitely was not a Moslem. And he definitely is the one who discovered America.
I would like to see every one of the readers of this article to send Obama a copy and write in large letters YOU LIED!! AGAIN!!
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