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they are no learners. Here, i fixed it for you.
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Obama's War on Billionaires

karpe diem Wrote: 23 hours ago (12:37 AM)
you forgot to mention the climate fighter Steyer.
i wonder how many moslem soldiers are in the USA army? Maybe they should not be recruited or allowed to serve, they are to "sensitive" and this idea is restricting the army from performing their duties. This is an absurd order when you are a solder and supposed to fight and save your country.
this is why Romney was so right, and also why he lost. Now America is lost. We do not have what America used to be because of all those idiot liberals who think that you can keep taking money from the public till and it will not be felt, that you can write regulations that choke the economy and that no one will feel it, that you can lie to the people about everything and the public does not know you are lying; that you can stop the oil pipeline and we will not have people unemployed, that you can destroy the best healthcare the world has ever had and no one will feel it. We need someone good who will say he will reverse all those bad things we had been living with for the last five years and just do it!!!
What Obama is doing is cutting money from caring for our seniors and is giving this money to Hamas. Maybe someone should tell the president that our seniors are not terrorists and that they are first in line for this money, not Hamas.
had the media reported the facts of how Obama is killing the economy, snooping everyone, making the world a much more dangerous place, killed the best healthcare in the world with Obamacare - had they reported the truth Obama wold have had 10% approval rating, if that. But they are not reporting the truth, or reporting the un-truth about America is like now, with so many countries at war, so many people being killed in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and of course Gaza, it would have been clear to the American public that we have a president who failed in every aspect of his running the country, and as a consequence running the world. We have more enemies that we every had and we have a very uncertain future. But we still have Hollywood and other lefties, who of course have their money to protect them from unemployment or underemployment, and they have the luxury of promoting "climate change" stuff because they are the only ones who have the luxury of not worrying about the cost of electricity, or even its availability, the cost of gas for their cars. Too bad so many Americans are being misled by the media and are staying ignorant of what this president has done to this once beautiful country.
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Land for "Peace?"

karpe diem Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 1:49 AM
"terrorist government". Either it is a government or it is a terrorist something, it cannot be what you called it. To call the thugs who run Gaza a government is a very wrong thing, and whoever is not really aware and knowledgeable about how life in Gaza is will think that Israel has an equal 'party' to her war. Gaza was taken over by hoodlums who do not call themselves Gov't. they have a so called Charter that has one item on it: to kill the Israelis. Those thugs keep the money given by the generous nations of the world, the USA and the UN to themselves, they live in luxury and safety and their people live in poverty, depending on gov't handouts, their children have to access to good healthcare, they are taken to the very generous Israeli hospitals for treatment, they do not have good schools - and all this is done on purpose to keep them enslaved to Hamas, and those thugs know that the minute life in Gaza improved and schools and hospital will be built the citizens would kick out those thugs and demand a property government.
as far as I am concerned you can give away all the plots of all the movies made in Hollywood employing lefty actors, producers and directors. I have no intention to see any one of their movies. They are traitors to America, they support a president who should have never been even considered let alone elected. I hope some others will join me and stay away from American movies. Those who produce and participate in them are nothing but traitors to America and to all good people on this earth. Shame on them.
when you have a Zero in the white house all kinds of bad things happen. Maybe someone will finally take the garbage out of the white house and install someone with enough smarts to know how to protect this country from the invading masses.
I would not be so sure. We have all those who voted for him, and most of them would do it again if it were legal. What is happening to this country?:? This must be a new disease that affects so many and they are not aware of it. Major Stupidity.
of course not, I feel the same way and my friends do so as well. I want to throw up just seeing his name.
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