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no redrafting for this POS law, it cannot be fixed or redrafted, or corrected or whatever. We have to bring back the system that our president destroyed with the help of all those "progressives" who do not know nothin' . We had a good system that did not need the IRS involvement, and employers reducing workers' hours and not hiring, and all the other stuff that is in Obamacare. It is an unmitigated disaster. You cannot fix disaster. You must cancel it. When Obama ran and said that he will "fundamentally transform America" he knew exactly what he was saying but the people did not and they were deceived by their own stupidity, they thought he meant "improve" . He made America a failed country, except for the very rich who are always protected no matter what the others go through, and apparently Obama loves the very rich because they became even richer under his regime. The little people do not count in this regime, and that was his intent to enslave them. He succeeded.
the best comment by far!! thanks for a good laugh, I really needed that.
they are the re incarnation of the Keystone Kops.
and he had a knife on him! must have been one of those "peace" loving Moslems.
when you say "finally", he did it in less than his first term!! He finally admitted today that he underestimated the danger of ISIS!! And this POS President is in charge of this country's and the world' s security???How come this usurper is still in the white house? If he had lived even 20 years ago he would not have lasted half a term let alone two terms. Our generation is made up of 'Progressives lefties" who are incapable of understanding what is happening all around them, and of course this is the reason he was put in the white house in the first place. What a tragedy to America the once beautiful country!!
he does not belong in jail, he belongs in Gitmo. He did not commit a crime he committed a terrorist act, he should not even be in a civilian court with the Miranda warning and all the rest of prisoner rights. He is clearly a terrorist and this was not a civilian crime. But I know neither obama or holder will do what needs to be done, they are nothing but cowards and traitors.
for sure, Holder trotted out in Ferguson which was nothing like this horror, but did not say one word about this beheader. We all see what he is, and I hope he will just go away and we will never hear from he or about him ever again. He is a disgrace to the position he held, the absolute horror. He should have never been selected, but he was only because of his complexion.
I said many times that Hillary has blood on her hands without even knowing the facts as told in this article. Now everybody who reads it can see that she should not be allowed even to be considered for the presidency, and should the democrats decide otherwise we should remind them of what really happened on9/11 in Benghazi.
"Tell us that he’s a little Islam." There is no such thing. It is like saying a little pregnant. The murderer did not use a gun which is more American, but he beheaded the woman, which is what only Moslems do. We the public are not idiots. We know what we see. Only people like Obama who will not admit that the acts was done by a Moslem because he is a moslem, just like the guy Nadal who shouted Allah Akhbar when he shot the solders, but this was not proof enough for Obama that he was actually a terrorist and should have been sent to Gitmo. This guy in OK if he recovers should definitely be sent to Gitmo and interrogated.
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Mr. President, How Is It NOT Islam?

karpe diem Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 1:07 AM
i wonder if the company which employed him was so desperate for employees that they did not check his past. He was a felon who served time in prison. Even if he did not convert to Islam he should not have been allowed anywhere in that workplace. Why was he hired? why wasn't he checked and interviewed to get the feel of him to see what his beliefs are? HR dept. of that company was guilty of the violence that ensured and I would not rule out the family of the beheaded woman going after the employer as the guilty party in her death. I would further suggest that employers should try and no hire Moslems, both men and women, they are too dangerous and we live in dangerous times. We never had so many Moslems and Moslem converts before, and now I am very scared. I drive through Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills and I see many moslems walking and I see them in the stores and they give me the willies. I cannot believe I am the only one who feels that way, Maybe the thing called PC is what is guiding the immigration of such people, but I think PC is our enemy number one anyway.
We have Islam and Moslems as our major enemy. But I see the political correctness as a major co-enemy. This is what is going to bring America to its knees faster than Islam. Nadal killed 13 of our soldiers and one of the commanders stated that if political correctness will become a victim to that killing we would lose more than just soldiers, or words to that effect. I do not know who invented this PC POS, but I am sure it was a progressive liberal eediot. To be Politically Correct means that one does not have the right to make judgement of ideas or people, that every religion is as good as the other religions, that all ideas are as good as all other ideas. To think that means that we have lost our ability to differentiate between good and evil. And that is evil in itself. I do not think Islam is good let alone as good as for example Judaism. But this makes me politically incorrect. America became a very dangerous place to all of us because of PC. This to me is our enemy number one, and if we do not eliminate this enemy we are going to become a failed america with no future.
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