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Being a Man...Being a Jerk

r27cj Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 7:57 AM
Dear Charles: Obviously, you do not understand where evolution has taken us. East of the Hudson Elitists like Mayor Bloomberg are obviously have superior intelligence due solely to: 1. the size of their bank account ... 2. the location of their residence ... 3. the college they attended ... 4. the political office they hold (choose any one or all) and therefore are morally obligated to make rules, judgments, and laws to protect "thos uf us owt n flie ovr kuntry whats 2 stoopid 2 unnerstan thangs!"
There are certain people that catch your eye in day-to-day life for a variety of reasons. Last year, a guy named Sal was someone I noticed, although it would have been difficult not to. Sal is about six feet tall and weighs 290 pounds. Moreover, Sal wore an apron and name tag in his job at the corner sandwich shop. It's a friendly place with okay sandwiches (too healthy for my taste) but great staff. It's one of those New York establishments where nearly 200,000 workers get fed, fueled and ready for the day ahead. I'm not sure how much the...