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A Few Debate Questions for Obama That Won't Be Asked

R124 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 8:44 AM
The freedoms of assembly and speech are guaranteed by the first amendment of the Constitution. And what are corporations (or unions for that matter) if not groups of individuals assembled for a common purpose? So I guess the left is okay with the freedom of assembly and freedom of speech...just not both at the same time. Not to mention the fact that if only individuals have free speech...then only those that can afford to personally fund a campaign commercial (i.e. the very rich) will be allowed to do so.
On Wednesday night, left-leaning TV anchor Jim Lehrer of government-supported PBS will moderate the first 90-minute presidential debate in Denver. The forum will focus on domestic policy. Lehrer alone will determine the topics and questions for six 15-minute segments, and then he will control an "open discussion" for each segment.

We know the liberal media bias drill: Make the Republican candidate look like a scary extremist on social issues and a greedy capitalist pig on economic issues. Avoid the Democratic incumbent's record of failure. Run out the clock. Thank you and good night.

Here's my starter list of domestic policy debate topics and...