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Obama Announces New Federal Golf Rules

R.3 Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 10:05 AM
Mr. Mitchell, in regard to your last statement, I have long believed this nation would never have gotten off the ground had it been left to the "professional politicians" we have had to endure for the past several decades. It appears to me the objective has been to deconstruct the founding principles that inhibit the consolidation of power at the federal level.

I’ve never criticized President Obama for playing a lot of golf. As far as I’m concerned, the nation is in much better shape when politicians spend a lot of time goofing off.

But I’m more than happy to use golf as a humor prop to make a serious points about public policy.

Earlier this year, for instance, I shared this golfing cartoon to help emphasize that Obama has been a big spender.

Let’s build upon that cartoon with a bit of humor sent to me by a friend from the Caribbean.