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One Brave Doctor Stands Up to Obamacare

R.3 Wrote: Feb 04, 2014 8:04 AM
During a visit with my back surgeon, last week, he stated he was seriously considering dropping out of the health insurance "networks". He is a man of few words but he made it clear the ACA is making it difficult for him to continue his practice under the new federal mandates and the parameters being set by the insurance companies. What he wanted to say, but didn't, is he's being asked to do a lot more for a lot less. It's becoming more apparent fascism and the medical profession is not a good combination. Unless you are independently wealthy, we should all prepare to wait in long lines for sub-standard medical care.
I don't disagree with your premise. What I find disturbing is (a hypothetical) if the same fighter jets were being built for and sold to other than a government entity they would cost a hell of a lot less. I'm sure the same would apply to roads, bridges and every other product or service specifically reserved to governments. Corruption and cronyism is an inherent part of government contracting. The bigger the rip-off the bigger the pay-off. And, the fox still guards the hen house.
I think the presumption is that $1trillion, when dumped into the economy, will be used to generate enough capital to pay back the loan and interest. What really happens is the money is used to pay for underfunded government expenditures that produce no return. The principle and interest then has to be extracted from the actual productive side of the economy. While I am, by no means, an economist it appears the government is borrowing more than it is willing, for fear of revolt, to extract from the private sector. To this layman, it appears Keynesian economic theory is based on the principle that once you start digging holes there is no good reason to stop.
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Trying to Scare Us

R.3 Wrote: Feb 01, 2014 10:12 AM
Looking for the ME to become one big happy Islamic State, are you?
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The Little Victims of the State

R.3 Wrote: Feb 01, 2014 8:45 AM
"Two years ago, announcing that nonprofits like the Little Sisters would be required to go along with providing all contraceptives and abortifacients, even if it violated their religious convictions, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sniffed that the religious would "have to adapt." You mean like the Christians did when the communists took over Russia and eastern Europe, Ms. Sebelius?
A bit off topic but, since the Poseur in Chief has increased the minimum wage for government "contract" employees, does anyone know if this triggers the automatic raise for union workers often found in their contracts?
Yep. Where does a parasite turn when there are no hosts left? I worked in the non-union construction business for many years. Every so often a "journeyman carpenter" would be hired due to layoffs on union projects. Although I kept my mouth shut about it, I often wondered how these fellows thought about having to lower themselves to work with us "scabs". What always became apparent is how these "journeymen" were often relegated to carpenter's helpers. They didn't take kindly to actually getting paid what they were worth.
The ones who were fraudulently induced were Democrats. No Republicans in Congress voted for the bill. I think the only legal recourse for fraud perpetrated by sitting elected officials is to vote them out and then repeal their crimes.
Let's not forget, this is an election year. Time for the lefties to ramp up the war on women. The tactic is to appeal to this particular subset by reminding them how the right wants to control their "reproductive rights", condemns them for abandoning traditional marriage, and deliberately denies them adequate compensation for their labor. Forget the facts. The emotional appeal is enough to garner support from a constituency that has come to realize the liberal tent has plenty of room for all the "Julia's" who think personal behavior is inconsequential.
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The New 2016 GOP Frontrunner?

R.3 Wrote: Jan 30, 2014 10:16 AM
I don't think you are considering what effect a "groundswell of support" has on egomaniacs. I don't think she could resist the temptation to turn all of the U.S. into her own little "village" if enough serfs rally around her.
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The United Whims of America

R.3 Wrote: Jan 26, 2014 7:20 PM
uuuuhhhhh........could it be for the same reason the lions don't lie down with the lambs?
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