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Will the Teachers Unions Ever Learn?

R.3 Wrote: Feb 03, 2015 3:41 PM
Being a former Md State employee, I would love to leave a comment regarding state employees and unions but, given TH's page loaded the pictures and the ads but no text it probably would be inappropriate.
The Poseur in Chief knows the press will not question any of his assertions and the LIV's will believe Obama has won another battle for the poor and downtrodden. If it weren't for a complicit media and an apathetic electorate this pathological liar would have never gotten past the primaries.
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A Government Admission of Wrongdoing

R.3 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 8:29 AM
We have entered an era where the citizens fear their own government. I suspect more people reacted with a chill down their spine than with indignation at the revelation that the NSA has been and continues to gather the private information of every citizen. To make matters worse there are few true guardians of the Constitution holding seats in Congress. It leaves one with a tremendous sense of vulnerability when it becomes clear no one can protect themselves from government overreach.
Lets see. They passed a law to guarantee all those without health insurance would be able to purchase "affordable" health insurance. We were told, right from the start, when the law was fully implemented of the 30 million uninsured 20 million would still be uninsured. We have seen 6+ million kicked off their existing policies but haven't been told how many of the 7.1 million newly enrolled came from those who had the rug pulled from under them. Even if only half of the 7.1 million are from the previously insured group that means 3.5 million are "newly insured". So, we rewrite the rules for the entire medical industry, spend untold billions on a website, repairing the website, advertising and hiring who knows how many bureaucrats to facilitate the law to net a possible 3.5 million people who didn't have health insurance. By my estimate that leaves 26.5 million people of the target group right where we started. How can anyone who has a grasp of simple math consider this anything but a colossal failure? Yet we have millions of closet-socialists who think this is the role of government and an efficient use of tax dollars. Liberalism is surely a form of serious mental deficiency.
The nomination, let alone the election, of either of these two would be proof positive the American electorate can be deemed brain dead and unworthy of the right to vote. The nation has been going to h&ll in a hand basket for decades and we want to keep looking in the same rat hole for a "new" leader?
The real battle has been won and it seems no one wants to admit it. The Central government has succeeded in forcing the citizenry to purchase a government approved product or be punished. The only Constitutional "fix" for this POS is complete repeal. Any other attempt to "fix" the ACA is just compounding the un-Constitutional nature of the law. Trash the whole thing and begin working on the real problems that exist in the health care industry. If nothing else the ACA debacle has focused alot of attention on the many disparate problems we face. Address them as stand alone issues with honest deliberation and intent to correct instead of this "comprehensive" fix everything forever BS that is rife with corruption.
You bet! OCare will have a million tentacles, all corrupt.
It should be apparent by now that a number of Americans, closely approaching a majority, are political morons. It should also be apparent our elected "representatives" rarely consider any legislation based on feedback from a constituency. The "party" creates laws, deems them worthy and passes them provided there is no real opposition from the "other" party. Most of the electorate knows nothing about a new law until they've broken it. As for the ACA, enough morons didn't pay attention while one party rigged the game to pass the law, and even more morons could care less that the law doesn't come close to meeting it's intended purpose of providing affordable health care to 30-40 million uninsured citizens, will cost three times what was stated and has cast doubt and uncertainty into the health care industry. Any politician who proposes any new "comprehensive reform bill" for anything should immediately be marched into the public square and stoned to death.
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Screw You, Mickey Kaus

R.3 Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 10:27 AM
HA! In a discussion with my surgeon, prior to the procedure, he voiced his displeasure with what "your president" has done to his practice. I was quick to point out I neither voted for Obummer or supported the government takeover of the health care industry. I seriously thought about writing this on my lower back, as a reminder, when I went for the surgery but reconsidered when I thought about all the people who will be "prepping" me before I ever get on the table. I'm sure, somewhere along the line, my assertion would not have been appreciated.
You are missing the point. Liberals, although they rarely admit it, understand there are adverse consequences associated with risky behaviors. That is why we now have Obamacare. The birth control hoopla is just a matter of having your cake and eating it too.
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