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Good. Abortion is demonic.
Don't tread on me. Pretty straightforward.
Undeniable, incontrovertible evidence that centralized, bureaucratized "government" fails. Every. Single. Time.
I think he meant to say "Obamacare" instead of "extortion routine". Any sane person would.
"Fair is foul and foul is fair..."
Dudes....don't go away mad......just go away!
It's Revenge of the Nerds, only in real life.
It's Revenge of the Nerds, except unfortunately this time it's not just a movie, and they don't really know why they're seeking revenge. Progressivism does that to you.
Boil that dust speck! Boil that dust speck! Rah!Rah!Rah!
By Any Means Necessary.......yet conservatives will still rule the day on 11/6/12. It's over, Yankees....er, uh, union minions.
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