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One could dismiss this whole "debate" by simply accompanying voter fraud legislation with a program to get voters without IDs, an ID.
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An Ad Everyone Should See

Quixotica Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 6:16 PM
It's really too bad that "socialism" has nothing to do with America's financial woes, otherwise, this would be an easy problem to fix and I would get right behind Mr Peterffy. Ironically, the financial methods of the Republican party, and the current Republican candidate in particular are the exact reason for America's financial woes and Mr Peterffly is actually just shooting himself in the foot.
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Quixotica Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 2:58 PM
Marriage predates the bible and the Christian faith does not own the only legally or spiritually recognized marriage ceremony. This article is moot as it restricts the discussion only to White, Anglo-Saxon, Christian-American values in the context of "Democrat vs Republican" politics. Furthermore, marriage isn't a purely religious affair anymore and I suspect that this is a large part of why the issue is so poignant to the pious.
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Keeping Nature Exactly as Is ... Forever

Quixotica Wrote: May 02, 2012 10:01 AM
"Except it's an illusion, because governments do not "create" jobs." This is laughably incorrect. I love the topic and the conclusion, but this is just plain wrong. As the old adage goes: "Pass a law, start a business." You can argue the finer points of who is "creating" a job, but the fact is that John Dewey was right when he said that Government lives in the shadow of business and to think that government has no role in job creation is just blithe and ironically idealistic.
I can tell you far better arguments for not using our own petroleum - it's ours. Use everyone else's first. Furthermore, petroleum can be used for so many far more useful things than to push someone's lazy butt across town. It blows my mind that every food calorie you eat has 10 petro calories in it before it gets to your table. Every tire has 7-8 gallons of oil alone. We're just throwing it away to maintain a lifestyle and fighting with one another about drilling or whatever when the real issue is that it's used in century old technology. And no, chargeable electric cars and hybrids are a half-measure at best since electricity is not a source of power. Demand progress, not status quo.
Some of these statistics are spurious. Furthermore, the consideration of the EROEI is not mentioned and this is a critical factor. We may have "500 years" of one fuel or another, but what's the point of mentioning it if it takes twice as much fuel to extract and process it? The combustion engine is over 90 years old. Can we get an upgrade please?
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