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University of North Carolina Hires Professor Who Writes Pornographic Poems About Students

Quix Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 10:59 PM
English literature is essentially communist literature wrap in political correctness spiced with fawning praise of Stalin (mass murderer), Mao (mass murderer), Pol Pot (mass murderer), Ho Chi Mihn (mass murderer) and their like minded water carriers. I would not let my child into any English department on any public college campus in America. They are the most closed minded bigoted people imaginable. If you doubt me, simply paraphrase Lincoln's line about taking from a person who worked hard for his cash and see how that flys in the class room.

The folks over at Campus Reform have done it again; they've exposed pornographic poems of a professor who was recently hired at the University of North Carolina. Not only are the poems pornographic, they describe sexual fantasies with freshman students.

Content warning.

A public university has hired an English literature professor whose pornographic verse includes fantasies of having sexual relations with freshmen female students, an education watchdog reported this week.

 In Prof. Alessandro Porco’s poem “Hot Girl-Girl Action University” the fictional university president Jill Kelly offers a welcome to the freshman class.