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Don't Stigmatize Murderers!

Quix Wrote: May 29, 2014 2:45 PM
You forgot the atheists who helped and supported the killing of about 3000 babies every day--including today--in this country. Who allow about 5000 girls from age 18-24 to commit suicide shortly after those abortions, and about 15MM people in the Soviet Union, about 40million in Chi-com, about 4million in Vietnam etc, 2 million in Cambodia... You get the point. What is very interesting is that the folks that enable the effort don't think much of it because we're all just randomly made anyway...
Maybe I missed something but is the commencement ceremony for West Point supposed to be about them? Not a call on Congress? Right? Is everything politics with this man?
Honestly--what the heck is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT doing involving itself in daily activities of INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT decisions?
I disagree with this article--I'm tired of people "carfully phrasing" their words so as to not draw the ire of the MSM. Call them out on it! If they ask you why you said XZY--rebuke and ask them why they have not asked the President about his commitment to VA? Ask them why they have not even so--talked to Anita Dunn about her mass murdering hero... Etc.. etc.. push back.
I find it interesting that a Judge does not understand the fundamental idea of license vs. right. There is no earthly reason to edify same sex marriage--except to make people feel good about their life choices. "good, decent human beings" don't insult, rip crosses off the necks of elderly folks then stomp it into the ground. "good, dencent human beings" don't force others against their personal will to serve them. "good, decent human beings" don't bully people out of a job. When you figure out that license is privledge gained by providing society something--Medical doctors, plumbers, drivers all get licenses to benefit society in exchange for their competency in providing a service. Marriage license is given to those who can have a child--to be that child's incubator. Because of legal issues concerning responsibility and authority over children and inheritance--licenses were devised. The problems described by these folks could easily be addressed with different a different license--like a CDL is different than a automobile license. But these are all trumped with the words "Rights" which are completely absent from this discussion. Its sad really.
Frankly no one has answered this basic question: Why is this the federal government's job? If California wants single payer--let them set it up and let's see how it goes. Why do we all have to be on the hook? I simply don't understand--you can fit Germany inside of Texas and yet they don't seem all fired and in a hurry to adopt France's policies. I actually like Switzerland's plan--applied in Texas would be fine. They have a basic minium everyone pays and then you get emergency healthcare. That is what insurance is for--catastrophic events--not gender rearrangement.
Great sentiment, but how? The power comes from the purse. The Federal Government is using our own money in an extortionist effort to get compliance on myriad activities. What we need is to get our money back--then we have our local control. How would you proceed? My thought is to get our tax dollars collected locally---a % from the local government goes to the state, and a % from the state to the federal government. That keeps the money close to where it was made, disperses the power and reduces washington corruption and reduces the IRS to a guy in a building in Washington who has 50 payee's--the states. I'll wait here while you decide who should have power/money.
The phrase SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS--is the most anti-science statement anyone can make--just ask Copernicus, Galileo, Eistein and Debroglie. Real scientists bring Theories, predictions, measurement and analysis--then new theories. Political Hacks speak about consensus.
Men and women compliment eachother--I think there is something terribly wrong when we try to make all parties equivalent. Its like trying to make fruit salad with only bananas.
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