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I wonder if Goober Gruber knows what Perjury and Contempt of Congress is.
What about dorm rooms? If they forbid them there, then they are trampling all over the First Amendment.
Try reading my post immediately above yours, Daft.
Camp Douglas in near Chicago was called Eighty Acres of Hell by the Southern POWs there. Where Andersonville's major problems were caused by the lack of supplies in the South, Camp Douglas was deliberately brutal and vicious.
Britain has so devastated its military, that it had to have the French provide maritime anti-submarine patrol aircraft to search for a Russian sub that was sailing near the Scottish coast.
I'd rather have a wolf in sheep's clothing than the sheep in sheep's clothing we currently have as our alleged POTUS
Alan Dershowitz, an uber-lib, stated that Cruz was the most brilliant law student he ever had. Dershowitz has said nothing about Obumphuck's alleged brilliance. What does that show about the two men?
For negotiating a peace treaty between Russia and japan
You might want to review the Roosevelt Corollary, how the Panama Canal Zone was obtained, and the Platt Amendment.
You might want to note that TR wasn't averse to beating people over the head with that big stick.
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