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Like Al Gore, Sr. George Wallace, Orval Faubus, Lester Maddox, Earl Long, Theodore Bilbo, and Ross Barnett, Democrats all, who remained Democrats all their lives.
So how do you explain Filner and Weiner?
Bu accoring to libs we are ignorant.
Actually,I've got two degrees in history, and second majors in Political Science and psychology.
Why do libs always say that Conservatives know nothing about U.S. History and Government, but never respond when asked what their background is in U.S. History and Government, what books they have read on the subjects, and what courses they have taken in the fields?
Not really. They still have a sh^tload of them in the Pathecally. Just watch the news coccasionally.
Howw does the leadership of the Dumbshitcrap Pathetically address the overt racism in its own party?
She's finally admitting what everyone knew from the get-go.
I'm sure that the Iranians are just shaking in their boots over obumphuck's new found spine. I'm also sure that the sun will rise in the west tomorrow.
Seboobius has 'earned the right to retire" according to Obumphuck. Looks like he helped her to retire a little early.
Since when has telling the truth been part of the Democrats agenda?
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