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What else has he lied about over the last 12 years? Who knows what? He definitely won't tell us.
Eric Lynch or Loretta Holder, what's the difference?
Above and beyond what, the insults, the put downs, and flat out ignoring Israel and Netanyahu?
He who must not be named, aka Obumphuck.
Does Josh Earnestt(ly Lies) have any clue as to how stupid he is?
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Basic Economics

Quintus_T_Cicero Wrote: Jan 14, 2015 12:38 PM
You are assuming that Obumphuck can read for meaning, comprehension, understanding, and acquisition of knowledge.
A wannabe communist dictator is meeting with a real communist dictator.
They certainly did that after Obumphuck was elected.
The Obumpuck MisAdministration doesn't have a plan or anything but Obumhuck's golf outings and vacations.
Well, your current president is dumber than a retarded gnat.
I wish they could have had an up close and personal meeting with Monsieur le Guillotine.
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