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The libs will spin the poll by saying 7% are correct about the effects of ObumphuckNoCare and 93% are wrong about them.
The other Dem's mp name fits the party well Bizzarro. Dems do live in a Bizarro world.
He never would have been elected in 2008. He would not have made it past the primaries.
Give the liberal Dems and their enables in the MSM, and they will find a way to blame GWB for Udall's brain freeze.
I thought he was afflicted with cranial-rectal insertion.
He is living proof that libs are permanently brain dead.
Does it even make sense?
Either that or they will blame GWB.
Another layer of insulation between Obumphuck and the fire this crisis is causing.
The real question is will the losing Democrats blame themselves or Obumphuck?
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