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He'll will freeze over and Satan will figure skate on the ice before Manchin will explain himself.
Looks like the books will make good toilet paper or fire starters.
Just A Gigolo Jean Francois Kerrie is as much a liar as is boss.
Give Ozbama The Weak And Pitiful and the Smurfs (they are little, blue, useless, and irritating) in his MisAdministration some time, and they will find a way to ignore, bypass, or change the ruling.
I get the impression the spokes liars in the Ozbama The Weak And Pitiful's MisAdministration forget that Megyn is a lawyer, and she won't let them use misdirection to answer a straight question.
And how do you KNOW what is in those emails, loonybythenumbers?
The dog ate it.
Ozbama The Weak And Pitiful
And we shall never know who ordered the hard drive trashed or who followed that order.
I think you got the first letter of witch wrong. It should be "B" not "W."
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