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Debbie (I Failed My)Wassermann(Test)-Schitz as a Senator. Now that is a revolting thought.
You can be assured that given Obumphuck's disdain for the Constitution, he will ignore the order.
Brian Williams told Bowie, Crockett, and Travis to leave the Alamo/
Wasn't he the man who single handedly held Little Round Top for the Union during the Battle of Gettysburg?
European leaders are afraid tat if the Jews leave they will take their talents, abilities work ethic, and more important to the European leaders their taxable assets.
How will he steal the election this time?
I wonder if those idiotic Muslim men realize the hypocrisy of using free speech to condemn free speech.
God might say, "Greet Lucifer for me, when you get yo hell."
What else has he lied about over the last 12 years? Who knows what? He definitely won't tell us.
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