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And Secularists are the most violent, most totalitarian, and bloodiest in History.
Correction: So does Secularism and Socialism, and bloody, totalitarian bedfellows at that.
So does Secularism and, an bloody, totalitarian bedfellows at that.
Hope you enjoy paying them, the ObamanationCare taxes, higher gas prices, higher health insurance premiums, and dealing with a healthcare system with a lot fewer doctors
Yeah she's talking to an audience of about 40.
Yeah, and it took the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker kickback to get to 60 votes.
Lying, stealing, fraud, graft, corruption, thievery, obstruction, deceit, hatred, ignorance and stupidity
Larcenous Land Deal Harry Reid's Dreams and Ideals are non-existent.
Actually it does inre OmbumphuckCare
So why did the Dumbshitcrap leadership have to bribe their own party members to pass legislation?
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