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Thank you Starbucks. The good guys with guns do appreciate you. We are attorneys, doctors, Ministers, Priest, Teachers and hard working people.
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North Korea Threatens to Attack

Quincymike Wrote: Mar 30, 2013 12:29 PM
Re-incarnate General MacArthur and wipe them off this Earth! Truman should never stopped him.
What have we become?
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North Korea Continues to Escalate

Quincymike Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 9:23 AM
Can you say Hiroshima? North Korea needs to be turned in to a practice range for Atomic bomb from South Korea and the United States. No one has the balls to admit this.
The Rev J.J. said something similar yesterday and maybe they are on to something. Elliott Ness & his Untouchables cleaned up the town once. Maybe a new G-Man and his crew could do it again providing King Emmanuel or the corrupt Chicago P.D. keeps away and has NO SAY. Now before all you 'experts' tell me "it won't work", let me remind you that what they have tried hasn't worked either. It is like Illinois saying Concealed Carry won't work knowing full well that without trying, they will never know.
If the Republicans give up the 2nd Amendment, I will give up the Republican Party. Promise!
I thought it was reported that the gun used at Sandy Hook was NOT an Assault Weapon. The gun they showed as a Bushmaster was actually a Shotgun. What is the true story here?
Now that a pro-football player was killed in an auto accident is Costas going to come down on the auto industry and America Auto Association and say athe "AAA is the new KKK?"
I personally feel that "if the media would ignore them" they will go back to work. ??
Bill, Assault is a behavior, not a device. 64,999,988 legal firearm owners killed no one yesterday. Something to remember.
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