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I bet this guy is gay, too. And, he deserted in order to spread Obama's message about the joys of gay marriage that 95% of the world is missing out on...
What I find funny is the fact that a county clerk's office was open on a Saturday. Anyone know of ANY government agency open on the weekend? But when it comes to gay marriage licenses, county clerk's offices all over the country seem to be open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I wonder who authorized all this overtime.
Alex Sink(Hole) is and always was unfit for public office.
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Creating Wealth

Quasimoto63 Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 10:12 PM
Yes, this guy is an idiot. ALWAYS take the longest mortgage possible. You can always pay it ahead w/o penalty. No one knows the future, perhaps 10 years into the loan you get hit by a bus and are a missing a limb. You can always scale back payments when hard times dictate, but if you've stupidly committed to a 10 year amortization schedule you don't have the option of decelerating the payments. I wish I invested in this guys dreamworld; I'd've been a millionaire years ago.
This sudden surge is the "novelty effect" at work. I remember when it was stated that Florida would **NEVER** have a lottery. Vegas was the only place you could gamble legally. What happened? The several States slowly went bankrupt and their lust for idiots volunteering to pay a tax (gamblers usually lose) quickly overruled their fake sense of Christian morality. After the rush of newness and excitement over legal weed fades, and it will fade soon, you will find 37 states with "dispensaries" in a location near you. The law of diminishing returns kicks in and it will just be another revenue stream for morally, fiscally, and economically bankrupt jurisdictions.
Until around 1975, Lincoln and Washington both had their own legal holiday, as they were both born in February. In reaction to the energy crisis of late 1973 they swiped one of those holidays along with stealing days from both the Christmas and Easter breaks (both used to be two weeks long) so they could create a "midwinter break" so they could shut down schools and public offices for an entire week ostensibly to save energy during the coldest month of the year. Believe it or not, Congress never officially declared it Presidents Day, so today, it is (in law) still Washington's Birthday holiday.
I know, right. All Democrats are so amoral that they'd have to read about it in a book before they even realized they did anything wrong. One greaseball shyster goes, another one comes along to take its place.
A conservative on a show with the likes of Whoopi, Barbara Walters, and Sherry Shepard? That could get interesting. The set might wind up looking like an explosion in a tuna factory after those leftist feminists get done eating up Dana on-air.
You should have offered the hipster a chance to smoke your cigar--you wanna bet all objections would have floated away like the smoke.
LOL! I can only imagine that Planned Parenthood's "Highest Honor" must be the Golden Dead Baby Award. Of course, Margaret Sanger wasn't fond of the black race either--the real reason for founding PP--to control their growth. Mind you, 100 years ago, the "progressives" were all apesh**t over eugenics and other such open-minded liberal policies.
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