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Yes! Yes! When Gingrinch used that book he just used the GOOD FOR AMERICA parts. That's why GINGRICH is AMERICAN
Of course. YES! Of COURSE! And then there's that connection between OBAMA and the KENNEDY ASSASSINATION!
YEs! YEs! They will be using these very same weapons to ATTACK THE UNITED STATES with the complicity of their leader BARRACK OBAMA! SHARIAH is COMING!
The shutdown did not go far enough! We had the chance to destroy the planetary economic system and make the mounds of gold we have been amassing even more valuable. We - the only TRUE AMERICANS - has the opportunity to REINSTITUTE the GOLD STANDARD - and reclaim OUR GOVERNMENT - YET WE FAILED. How will we get AMERICA back? HELP US LEADER CRUZ! WHAT IS OUR NEXT STEP?
The VA is a big government conspiracy to control the minds of ALL great AMERICAN veterans
Who will stand with against the vast liberal-muslim conspiracy! Not Speaker Boehner! He has already prepared a bill to institute Shariah law in the United States! We - true Americans - must stop this advance!
I agree! Every time I go for a check-up I think about how I am ripping away at a little bit of America and by caring about my health, I am quickly paving the way for the adoption of Shariah law.
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