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Hey, they left the Upper Peninsula of Michigan off the first map...are we part of Canada according to that map?
You're right. No guns in U.K. anymore. That's why the percentage of violent assaults and stabbings went up drastically since the ban there. Until recently, the residents of Chicago were barred from taking a gun with them when they left their homes. It is all the gang members that are committing murders (which we, as a country, should look into prohibiting such an act) on a grandiose scale. In fact, the number of gun related deaths in Chicago last year (done by gang members) far outweighed the number of troop deaths in the active combat zone of Afghanistan.
Don't you recall? "...You didn't build that".
You're right. Disobeying a police order is a crime....but that was not the case with Zimmerman. A "Dispatcher" (civilian) asked Zimmerman if he was following him. When Zman said, "Yes", the dispatcher said, "We don't need you to do that". Furthermore, Zman didn't grab his gun, it was already tucked, neatly away in his waist.
How dare you assign logic and reason to the "Left's" agenda. /sarc.
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