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Romney Should Show He's a Leader, and Here's How

Qing1331 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 7:27 AM
Patent leatrher show boy from Wall Street is not a leader. he is a Step to Obama's Fetchit serving the same global loving masters. A plague on both their houses!
If Mitt Romney is to have any chance of beating President Barack Obama in November, he must win a larger share of the Hispanic vote than current polls suggest he will. And he won't unless he solves his immigration problem.

It's a problem of his own making. He decided that beating up on illegal immigrants would boost his popularity among those suspicious that he was really a moderate Republican. In doing so, he injected an issue into the campaign that had largely fizzled -- and for good reason. Illegal immigration is down to historical lows -- primarily because the U.S. economy continues...