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Liberate ‘Zones of Electronic Repression’!

Qing1331 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 7:23 AM
Happening here as well. Welcome to the global electronic gulag

“The fax shall make you free.”

Albert Wohlstetter, the great Cold War strategist, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, said that back in 1990. He was right: The advent of fax machines, Xerox copiers and other then-cutting-edge communications technologies was an enormous boon to the free flow of information. In Communist countries, the Samzidat was transformed: Dissident self-publishers, who previously would sit at typewriters copying banned books page by page, could now, with the push of a button, create dozens of copies and transmit them almost anywhere.

Ever since, there has been not just the hope but the expectation that...