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Women Growing up to Be 'Girls'

Qing1331 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 7:25 AM
American women fall into several categories and Hemingway built several of his writings around them. the first is the entitlement princess She expects the man to wait on her hand and foot because she is a she. the second type looks at men asan anytime teller card that must be serviced occasionally to assure no interruption of funds. the third is deceased. i prefer the company of the third and wish only we could export the first two for oil.

Rosen vs. Romney is not exactly high noon at the Powder Puff Arena. But it provides an insight or two in the gender games at the center of the culture: Trendy lesbian working mom, a public relations strategist raising adopted children, attacks traditional super mom for staying home to raise five sons.

This is not exactly a rumble in the jungle or the thrilla in Manila, but the way it's hyped, you might think it's a fight that would frighten Muhammad Ali, a thriller if not for the ages at least for this news cycle.

Rosen vs. Romney is supposed to...